I wanna be a woman

I’m from India and my family is a part of the sikh religion. One of the conditions being that i can’t get my hair cut EVER. So I’m 16 and have hair as long as you can imagine. I recently discovered that I was bisexual and I thought that would put an end to the dysphoria, but that wasn’t it.

As my cousin lived with us, her clothes were all over the place. Due to the pandemic she had gone back to her parents’ place but most of her clothes were here. I would regularly j*** off while sniffing her panties/bras. One day I had this desire to wear them, so I did and I opened my hair which is usually in a bun with a beanie. I looked like a woman, I loved it and I had the best o***** of my life.

Now I want to change my gender and be a woman



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  • Just understand this fact! The closest you will ever get to being a female, is looking like one! Thats it You where born a male and will die a male! All the hormones and surgery 's will never change that! If you go through all that you will still be male but with mutilated genitals! You won't have periods or get pregnant! Maybe one day doctors will be able to transplant all the reproductive parts including a real v***** or p**** and testicles for FTM patients!

    You will find it much harder to find someone who will love you for who you are. Unfortunately society for the most part will not accept you and they will let you know about it. Maybe killing you! I couldn't care what you do as long as it don't effect me! But society is not like me!
    I say this because there is a lot of transgender that go through all that and then commit suicide or get murdered today! You are young and need a little more life experience before committing to doing that! Go see a therapist before you doing anything! Good luck.

  • You should be able to express yourself this way if you do please! If you believe you want to be a woman I say go for it. Along with beginning the transition there will be negative comments, but as long as you're happy don't let it stop you.

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