Purple TOYS ,Highheels, Dress,Still New.

TOYS Purple, HighHeels,Sexy Dress Stil New.... Aka L**G
AngryGone but love never Gone.

Last 2020 last Years After Fighting with The One RVA.* AJR*
I want that you do on me.I want that Person Who like to told me wears HighHeel on ,Like to wear Cottom, I like the way ls we did,, Before plan to met him after we not see each other, I so happy because i not in my plan we are have to have a break up and stay far each other till now...
That day before i came to CITY plan to here for meet Him, I was pepare Got a Sexy heel, Cottom but sexy more then ever used with Him Because i learb how his Like, So i want to creat the best one to have fun this time, . In the past i only be Shy about this ,,, So this time i will be and let it go on him with what his like and what i want... i just waiting for HIM , An waiing for my Lovely Toys Purple One,,This crazy give i was asked him to get for me.. I want his play it with me, Joining time being fun togetter... But SAD no one No,Bad things Bad Story Notthings cant FIX..
Him Not have any time to talk to me,not even wan to see me, Last at last I have to let HIM go gone inside lift to donw on the floors...I runing and going lift to donw floors trying follow and stop him but i cant see him ,, where his gone why So fast...... On that time i not see him anymore,,SADness,
love is Gone LING
Soooooo,,My Sexy Cottom dress, Sexy HighHeels7, And the Toys Purple One his bought me.. Still new Still no play, Still in A box.
No chance, No time, No person to Use With.

,,I was plan to see HIM, i want to came toFix, Want to apologise SORRy, I want we back to each other. In The small City, City that lot of Night Light colour, ROUND lot beach. Westher here bit keep like summer. His is not Citizent people here But like Move his dirty Ass to seat Work aroud here..I Sorry for bleh bleh hard word bcoz my jealouse..Not public Person But his very friendly to all women, people Around his self His nice, his help, his do help all if people asked for help,,, His like to help to be consult to all Women who had problem with they boyf or Husband his be close to them for help...?????
But what is him problem with me we cant fix..His leave problem,, But anothe problem his help help till i understand his wrong.his not care,, His care another people ??? Or Something there deep more ?

Feb 23, 2021

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  • What ever happened to being able to write and use correct punctuation.
    This is so sad and very hard to read also..
    Public Schools fail again!!!
    And I'm a Crossdresser and married over half of my life with the same wonderful woman.
    I told her that I liked panties and my life only got better after that.
    Now i have more women's clothes than men's clothes and share with my wife...
    I'm into women, I'm under the impression that the other person that wrote this is in your men. Not my cup of tea. .
    Stay well and happy!!!!

  • You need to work on your punctuation and spelling before posting anything.

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