My Boyfriend punished me on bare bottom

My boyfriend punished me on bare bottom when I disobey or act out... for example the other time, we went out and I spent half of my time on the phone. He asked me to stop but I kept doing it so when we got home he told me he was going to teach me how to be a good girl.. he asked me to pull me pants down and he spanked me so hard several times.. and it made me so wet and we had rough s** after that. When I get very disobedient he uses the cane on my bare ass and I’m not able to sit for weeks...

Feb 23, 2021

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  • I am thinking you are in a bad situation. You may have great s**, but you can be hurt real bad. My wife and I love to wrestle each other extremely hard and rough but nobody gets hurt. I have given her playful slap on the ass and she has done the same to me. Nobody has been hurt. We can have some mild wild s** which is great but nobody is hurt. This is the way a good relationship should be.
    Be safe and think about where you are.

  • Its ok, so long u love him

  • I love it too when my man does the same thing to me. He makes me wear nothing but pantyhose and spanks me with his bare open hand. He gently tells me what I did wrong, followed by a stinging "WHACK." Then he talks softly about improving my perception of love, behavior, and how a relationship needs to work. After a dozen whacks he massages my ass, cuddles me and makes passionate love to me. I love this man and feel he is improving me and making me confident in the power and love of my submissive role. I will never leave him.

  • You would not be writing this if you didn't enjoy it. It may be outside what society calls normal behavior, which is exactly why many folks like it. If you had a problem with it I assume you would walk away. Proceed with both caution and pleasure.

  • F*** what society thinks🖕🏿! It's not their business what people do behind closed doors.

    It's not like someone's stupid enough to go in and stop him from doing it, are they?!

  • You have the right to participate or not with this punishment. You can leave if you ask him to stop and he doesn't. Or if you stay and agree (because it's fun somehow, or it helps your behavior, or any other reason) then you can do that. Frankly, I enjoy when my girlfriend punishes me for something. It hurts plenty, but I feel freed and refreshed somehow after we clean the slate.

    If he misbehaves, would he agree to let you spank him?

  • It's called do as your told and obey your man like your supposed to.

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