Married bi-sexual

I used to walk my dog at this park and met a guy walking his dog and we became friends. One afternoon at his house,he was divorced and I was married,after some beers we began to confess secrets we each had.
He had a fainting fetish and being carried,something he had since childhood and when I told him i have fainted a few times it really turned him on and he wanted to know more.
I had a fetish much the same and fantasized about boxing,being knocked out and carried then revived after my shorts were removed.
We talked for some time then met again a wine tasting in the Napa valley in California where we both lived then went again to his house.
This time though he went into the bedroom and came out wearing a cute black mini-skirt with thong panties.
I almost fainted but it did turn me on and he said he had another if i wanted to put one on too.
I did and it felt so good and sexy but now i wondered where this all would lead and got frightened.
We sat on the sofa and again began discussing fetish"s which got us both aroused.
He got up to get more wine and my fears left me and something else took over.
As he came out of the kitchen I took the wine glasses out of his hands,put them on the table and playfully pinned him to the wall then lowered myself to my knee's and pulled his panties off.
His p**** was fully erect and without thinking was soon in my mouth.
As i began to suck him he sagged,moaned and went limp and I barely caught him as he "fainted".
I thought he might be pretending but it felt real so i carried him to the bedroom,his head hanging back,arms and legs limp,laid him on the bed ,spread his legs out and began to suck him.
He soon "revived' and then my mouth filled with his cumm.
He told me he really did faint,that he wasn't expecting me to do what i did but he certainly enjoyed it.
After that we met several more times,always crossdressing doing roleplays and having fun.
He had to move to another state so I haven't seen him for some time now although we do talk on the phone.
It was the first and only time so far I ever gave a b******* and want to do it again,maybe during roleplay or whatever.
I still live in northern calif.

Feb 23, 2021

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