My Stomach Fetish Story

I'm 15 years old and I've had this stomach growling fetish for a long time. I love the sound of hunger growls and when you roll your stomach. This one time my friend and I were at my house alone and she felt that she could tell me anything. We'd know each other for a long time. She said that she had a stomach fetish, I was so excited and surprised and then I told her that I have a stomach fetish too. She was so happy like I was and she asked if she could listen to my belly. She told me to lay on my bed and she lifted my shirt up. She put her ear on my stomach and she told me that I must've been hungry. After a while she got on her back and took her shirt off and told me to listen to her stomach. I put my ear on her stomach and I heard the hunger growls roar and roar. I felt the hunger pangs vibrate in her empty stomach. She asked if she wanted to watch a movie in just our underwear and I agreed, she wanted to not eat so we could hear our hunger growls. She let me lay my head on her stomach and watch the movie. I'll never forget that day and we'll occasionally play with each other's stomachs.

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  • You've been fifteen for seven years.

  • You know this is fake

  • Take your meds, before it gets worse.

  • I don't think it's because you are English, it's more likely because you are stupid, ignorant, uneducated white trash.

  • Hear hear.

  • Please, we keep asking you to go somewhere else. Don't you know how it feels to just want someone to go away? That's how we feel about you. Please. Just go away.

  • Well put

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