Being A Housewife Is SO Boring

I got married 9 years ago, had my son 4 years and while my life isn't partially bad it is just so boring. I'm 41 and I feel like i'm just not going anywhere. I feel like I'm nothing. Like, I go thought out my day just feeling nothing. How many times can I clean my house, feed my family, and talk to my friends over the phone. Nothing hit harder when quarantine first came around.

Both my husband and I were home and most of time we just looked after our son and got through the day and that was it. It got to the point we were having s** just to have s** and it didn't feel like anything. Time after time, he would c** and then leave so I was stuck using my vibrator 9 out of 10 times.

A few months ago my husband and I got into a big fight over something that wasn't even my fault so I ran off to drink with a few friends. As I'm sitting at this bar this college kid starts talking to me. He was pretty good looking, had a fairly athletic build, fairly tall, overall a good looking guy. He asked if I wanted to head back to his place and I almost said , "Sorry no". But something just said f*** it, do it. In my mind, I just wanted a change in my life. Just something different and maybe it was the few drinks but I said yes, told my friends I was going home and got into his car.

We got to his apartment, started making out and not too long after he took out his d*** and I forgot guys can be bigger than 5 inches, it actually took me by surprised. It was for, a lack of a better words, absolutely f****** amazing. The roughness, the hairpulling, light biting, and lets not forget me actually being able to climax, multiple times too. It reminded me when back in my college years when I did my random hook ups. It had been ages since I had s** like that but the worst part, I didn't even feel bad for my husband. In my mind, he had this coming. The passionless s**, the unnecessary fighting, just everything.

Over these past few months I have been seeing him on and off. The most recent time with him he brought a friend and had a three-some and it was absolutely wonderful. Getting a nice c*** in my mouth and another in my p**** was something next level. I don't regret my choice at all. Call me a s*** or whatever but I actually feel something in my life now. I actually look forward to something in my life.

Feb 24, 2021

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  • Good for you girl. My fantasy is to date a woman that f***** other guys while I was at work then tell me all about it when I got home

  • You are disgusting and a harlot, your husband should divorce you because you are an unfaithful wife

  • Good for you, never feel sorry for a guy that doesn’t f*** his wife with passion.

  • Good s.l.u.t

  • Good s***

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