I'm ashamed of myself

I'm a male, 21, and I cry during emotional parts of movies or books or even during day to day life when i see something upsetting, and I'm ashamed of this, it makes me feel like the biggest loser, like I'm not worthy of being called a man. I'm ashamed of myself for something I can't control.

Sep 28, 2020

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  • It's all good, bro.

    Men are allowed to cry and women are allowed to be strong-- we're humans first.

    Where I have a problem is when men MUST be seen to be boo-hooing every three seconds and women MUST be seen savagely kicking someone's ass because reasons.

    And society just LOOOOOOVES to do that! So instead of feeling glad that maybe people are finally evolving enough to see that men and women are both human, I get disgusted that people are taking a positive idea and running it into the f***** ground so everyone can get their edgy little "Look@ me being woke" rush.

  • Nothing wrong with that. Just as long as it’s for real s*** you’re still a solid dude.

  • Learn to grow b**** its a cruel world out there

  • Don't be daft. Nothing wrong with that

  • You just need a hug sweetie. I think it's cute

  • We need more emotional men like you.

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