Rebound Niece

Two years ago My wife Amanda and I divorced after a 20yr marriage. We where just different people now and ended it on good terms. After the divorce, I stayed with my older sister Becca and her family for about 6 months. By that time I was able to save up enough move into my own place again.
But during my stay at my sister's, my niece Samantha and I got really close. She would come home after school and would hang out with me on a daily basis. We would stay up late on the weekends and laugh and cut up till the sun came up. Friday and Saturday nights were our fun nights. This was routine for us for the first few weeks. My sister would occasionally stay up late too, but most nights she would head off to bed.
Samantha would tell me she was sorry I was heartbroken over my separation with Amanda, and that I needed to go find a girl to get back in the action. I would joke with her each time by saying "Why would I do that? I got you." She and I would get a chuckle out of it and we'd make goofy face gestures at one another as if we were gonna kiss. This went on for the first month or so, until one early Sunday morning. We had just finished watching the Avengers End Game movie. I had gotten up and was leaning over to make one of our typical kissy face gestures when at the same moment Samantha was getting up and our lips half assed met. We both jumped back and laughed. I was a little embarrassed and apologized several times. Samantha just laughed it off and said "Well I guess I'm that girl.." I gave her a confused look,, but quickly realized what she had meant with her comment. I played along and said something to the point of, "Well maybe you should sneak into my room after your my and dad go to Church today so you can be that girl."
We both laughed, I gave a eyebrow left as I laughed, and Sam gave a slight bite to her lower lip. I barely caught it as she did this. As we turned off the TV and headed to our separate rooms, I turned around and blown a kiss to Samantha who grinned and whispered "Leave your door unlock.." I laughed again and said, "No lock Genius.." she answered with "I know Einstein" And with that we chuckled again before shutting our doors.
I was awakened by voices outside my door around 9am. I could hear my sister talking to Samantha through muffled voices, she was letting Sam know they were heading to church and for us not to eat lunch because they would be bringing home Cane's for lunch. My Niece and I Love, Love, Love, Raisin Canes. So it was beginning to be a great day at that point. I heard my Brother in law calling for Becca to hurry up because he was gonna be late to usher at church if she didn't move her butt.
(On a side Note.. My sister has a very cute butt.. We I grew up in the 70s & 80s, and were very close.. When I say close, I mean Very Close. We grew up in a sort of older sister teaching the younger brother in ins and outs of the Birds and Bees if you catch my drift. But that was decades ago, and we don't talk about our experiments in s** growing up.)
So back to my confession. I hear Becca yelling back to Jon "You'll survive if you're a few minutes late!" And I hear
my sister leaving out the side door to the garage.
As I'm laying there in silence, I can softly hear my Brother in laws Truck start up and drive away. As this is happening, my door opens up and in steps my niece wearing a short tshirt that barely reached her bellybutton and a pair of cotton sports shorts that girls typical use to sleep in.
"Are you serious..?" I asked as she walked to the edge of my bed. Without a word Samantha does a picture perfect bed crawl on her hands and kneels towards me. She maybe 20yrs my junior, but she crawled like a Professional Pole Dancer.. As soon as she was directly over me, she leaned down and we kissed as if we had kissed a thousand times. For the next hour and a half we f***'d like animal's. First she rode atop me which made her orgazim, then we missionary'd, and finally ended up doggy styling it till I pumped c** deep inside her tight p****.
Up until this January, we've been meeting up and basically f**king like no tomorrow. She's in Airforce Basic Training till March, then Tech School. I'm looking forward to Tech School Graduation day!

Feb 25, 2021

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  • Sweet, she joined the Air Force!


  • Oh, Go cry a river you f****** Snowflake B****!

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