Back in the day.

My wife's sister is getting married after a loooong time with the same guy, He finally pulled the trigger so me and him were drinking in my garage and I mentioned the "Final fling", He laughed and said "Yeah, Not happeneing" then he looked at me and said "Did you guys?", I chuckled and told him we did and he wanted to hear all about it so I told him the story then decided to post it here.
The wife and I were togeher in college and there was some back and forth before we really cemented our relationship, I was with a friend of hers and she was with multiple guys before we got together, The friend I was with is still her best friend and it's all good, No problems with any of it and it never comes up but....
When we were making wedding plans the final fling came up, I don't remember who brought it up or how it became a thing but it did and we started talking more and more about it until it was just something that was going to happen. My wife is a planner to the most minute detail and needed to plan the whole thing, Right from the start she was pushing for her friend who I had already been with and I finally said I didn't want it to be her, I explained that we had already been together and it wasn't that great in the bedroom. She really wanted it to be her and when I asked why she explained that it was the only single friend she had that she felt would be easy to talk into it.
When she asked who i wanted it to be I said I didn't know and proposed maybe just a piece of strange or something possibly on my stag or something and she was strongly against a stranger, For her OR for me. She wanted it to be someone we knew and that she considered clean and not trashy because she didn't want some trashy girl (Who she knew a few that were) sending me home with gonerea. LOL. I asked who she wanted hers to be with and the guy she said was the one I would have chose anyway and I knew he thought she was smoking hot anyway.
There was one of her friends who I knew she was keeping the whole topic away from and I knew exactly why, I mentioned it and then followed it up with her little sister who had just turned 18 at the time (I made him promise NEVER to tell the sister in law) Being I had mentioned the other friend first I thought she was actually more receptive of the idea of her little sister than Becca, Oh Becca...My, my, my. Becca was a girl with firey red hair, Freckles, Long legs, huge b**** and was drop dead gorgeous, She moved away after college but they were friends at the time. My wife said "Who do you want it to be...Wait...Let me guess...Becca??", I nodded and she shook her head and said "She won't", I chuckled and said "Yeah she will....You just don't want her to", Becca was the only girl that I felt made my wife feel like not the hottest girl in the room, I don't know if they were friends or frenemies but my wife didn't want me nailing her.
My wife went first which I was good with because I felt it gave me some more bargaining power, I won't even try to lie, I knew it was happeneing and I snuck home and watched through the basement window into the spare room...Very hot watching her get f***** hard twice and watching her swallow his load both times since she only did bareback and only swallowed in the end and now I couldn't get her to swallow if I paid her to, Anyway that's my married rant. Anyway afterward she gave me all the details and I pretended like I hadn't watched the whole thing then I said "So...", She said "So....", I said "Becca?" and my wife said "I thought you said Amy" (Her sister), I said "Ok" and she said "Nooo", I said "Come on, You have to give me something to work with, Amy or Becca...You decide", She said "Ok, First off...Amy is a virgin so...No", I said "Oh, Yeah for sure Amy then" and she gave me a dirty look saying "No" then I said "Becca then" and she sighed and said "Fine".
That night in bed I had her face down and pounding her from behind when she said "Mmm baby, You know Erin takes it in the ass now?", I stopped and said "What?" she said "Oh god, That made you harder". I will say Erin had a great ass back then and I was definitely interested in the idea of f****** her in it but since my wife had already agreed to Becca that's where I was pushing for. I f***** her and told her "No, Still Becca" and FINALLY she said "I'll talk to her, No promises" and I agreed, She told me a couple days later that Becca said she would think about it but seemed freaked out and I said "Well, better work on her or I am gonna ruin Amy" and she punched me in the shoulder saying "Ok, Amy is off limits, If Becca says no then it's Erin".
Two days went by and finally my wife came to me and said that Becca said yes, I tried to hide my excitement and my wife told me all her concerns, I assured her I was not going to fall any more in love with Becca than I already was which may have not been the right thing to say.
That very night Becca came over and my wife went to Erins which was actually only half a block away, I pounded Becca hard for hours, No lie, Two hours we f***** and she was soooooo amazing, She always acted like a good girl but in bed she was an animal, sat on my face to get her salad tossed, Begged for a thumb in her ass doggy style, After I came twice, Once inside and once in her mouth she sucked my b**** until I got hard again and begged me to f*** her once more, Her exact words were "Get hard once more and I'll let you come on my face", Ok what 25 year old guy isnt gonna get hard with a beautiful redhead sucking your b**** telling you she will let you come on her face.
I got hard, Nailed her one more time and she came for what she says was her third and the most times ever in one night and moaned "Come on my face baby", I pulled out and I don't know where it all came from but I gave her a huge load and she sputtered and tried to block it and when I was done she said "Oh my f****** god that's a lot of come", She had it in her hair and in her nose, All over her face, Dripping from her long eyelashes, It was really a bukakke scene. She said she had to shower and I texted my wife, It was back in the days of T9 so it took me a long time and I think she was standing outside the door because she was there right away.
She came in and she looked around, She asked where Becca was and I said the shower, She nodded and sat down, A few minutes later Becca came out of the shower and went to the bedroom but my wife seen her and got a full view of what she actually looked like naked, She sat looking at me with her eye brows up and Becca called my name, I got up and went to the bedroom, and she was laying on the bed, She looked at me and I motioned that my wife was in the living room, She bit her lip and spread her legs looking pouty then started getting dressed and whispered in my ear "Do you think she would...?". I knew that would be a HARD no so I told her that and she whispered "Just know that you could have watched me lick her p****", She kissed me, Went to the living room and said hi to my wife, My wife walked her to the door and they said their goodbyes and then my wife told me to shower, she came in after a few minutes and joined me, She tried to get me up and it took a while but that was the only night my wife ever really had to compete and she did, She was wild that night.
We were married within the month and Becca came to the wedding looking smashing as always, During our first dance my wife asked if I wished I would have went for Becca, I lied and told her Becca was hot but kind of a dead lay, My wife said "Uh...I seen her naked, It don't matter if she slept all the way through it", I laughed and said "Trust me I am glad I chose you...For ever and always", That night after consummating our marriage though I did tell her about Beccas offer and she sat straight up and said "What???No" I said "Oh yeah, In no uncertain terms told me she would lick your p****" which grossed her out and I knew it would, I also told her I watched her get f***** and swallow two loads which telling her made me hard again and I gave her a second pounding.
So there is my story, My soon to be brother in law says bullshit, I told him to ask my wife but he wouldn't, I tried to look Becca up but she is not on any social media, I heard she is divorced with two kids from two different guys and put on a bunch of weight but who knows.

Jan 11, 2020

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  • Hot tale 👍🏻

  • And you haven’t wanted to watch her with another man again? I hope you meet a good couple to swing with, or do some MFM or MFF.
    Let us know.

  • I'll bet your wife would have enjoyed having Becca eat her p****!

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