My confession to humans

I am a born again Christian. I believe we should never be ashamed of God, never be scared to say his name. Jesus died for us. We are forgiven. Everything we do should be for the father. The rapture will happen. I am going. Please dont be left behind. I am fifteen and plan to be a missionary. A life dedicated to God. I am born in sin but am saved by faith.

May 28, 2015

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  • Amen. I am 13 and hope to follow in your foot steps. I want to help ALL people. Religion is something you should never be ashamed of. Have a good day. God bless you.

  • Thank you for this. You will be a blessing to so many for many are called but few are chosen. I wanted to be a missionary too. If you read this please pray for me. I'm in a dark place and I'm very scared. I know Jesus still loves me like the prodigal son. I haven't the faith to forgive myself right now. I love the Savior I need to know he still loves me. Lost and afraid in mi

  • Wow... glad to know a 15 year old has all the answers.


    I'm an agnostic. I don't understand Atheists anymore that I understand you. My brother was a born again Christian when he was in his mid 20's. It served him well for the most part, it helped him realize he as an a****** when he drank, so he stopped drinking. Before he could be an a******, and also enjoyed stealing things just for the rush. He cut that out too.

    But he had cancer, and he struggled with it throughout the years. When it finally got bad, he was still a Christian.. but one that last hope. While words of prayer seem strong, in the end they become just words. He had some friends that were 'born again' and would send him scriptures and he'd laugh at their blind enthusiasm. He lost his battle with the disease. And for any christian that said it was God's plan, I wanted to spit in their face and ask what god would do this? F*** god, what an ego on that he punishes the faithful, why?

  • Forget about hypothetical gods and live your life according to the Golden Rule (one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself) and you should do just fine - in fact, you'll probably do much better than most humans. God is an unnecessary variable in this equation and can actually be a factor of major confusion. I wish you all the best.

  • Born again? Yes. Christian? No God is Love in It's Puerst Form, but formless. Jewsus rose as a lesson that we can rise above our own sins. The Rapture with me has already happened as a result of prayer an inventory of me and my life confession and forgivness for myself and others the Buddhists call it "Nirvana" I simply call it "God" because Heaven is synomonus with Nirvana. I know what it feels like to be The Christ and The Buddah to have compassion towa4rds a sick and lost society in pain as much as Jesus had on the cross emotionally and physically.

    Forgiveness is the only way out.

  • I admire you and wish you all the best

  • Burn in h***

  • Well at least we know you will be there besides her/him. :)

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