Addicted to escorts?

I am a 28yo normal good looking guy.
Lately I have been going with gay male escort always more often. I am ashamed, because I don't have too much money and it is expensive and I am afraid it is out of my control.

Today I went with another one. He took my money and told me he didn't manage to do anything because I smelled. He was super cold and annoyed, I was extremely embarassed. But he didn't want to give me my money back.

I don't know if that was just an excuse. Or maybe it is true. In any case I will triple my effort to personal hygiene. But I am feeling very regrettable, stupid and ashamed. I lost other bucks, I didn't get what I want and I have been humiliated. The worst thing is that I am pretty sure that I will go with other escorts again, wasting my money.

Mar 2, 2021

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