Lie after lie after lie...

I wish my family was normal. My dad cares more about church than he does for me. In my religion, you're not allowed to marry someone who's not a church member. I don't like the church members, I don't like going to church either. I went to church twice a week all my life up until I joined the Army. I met someone in the Army and we've been dating for almost 2 years now. My dad doesn't approve of course, cause he's not a church member... So I lied to my dad. I told him I was going active duty and that I chose the state my bf lives in as my station. I'm in the Reserves so it worked out well, I'm able to choose my home station as I please. It's been about a year since then and my family don't know my address. My dad doesn't know I live with my bf, that I want to marry him, and that I don't believe in my religion anymore. I know that if I tell him everything, he will be ashamed of me. I know because he's ashamed of my brother. He doesn't even know my brother has 2 kids now... because my brother's girlfriend is not a member of our church.

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  • Religion is not everything. I personally don't get when people put religion before their family. Sure, god and religion can be a guide to how you live your life. But to not accept or approve of your kids significant others? He's really missing out. Is your mom like that too? Maybe you can write him a letter and tell him what you've decided. And hopefully, one day he'll realize...but otherwise you have your life to live and believe in whatever you choose. So live it as you see best. Good luck to you :)

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