After I get home from work I like to remove all of my underwear and only wear a full slip around the house. I know my son can clearly see my nipples through the lacy material of my slip. He keeps looking at them all evening.

Sometimes he stares so hard I can't help but have my nipple stand up hard. I have no desire to do anything with him but I do seem to like showing off to him.

Mar 2, 2021

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  • Have mercy on the boy and coverup.

  • Lucky dog..lucky dog..lucky dog. And what else might your son be exibiting? Do his blue jeans suddenly seem too tight in the groinal area? Does he excuse himself to go to the bathroom for 10 or 15 minutes? Or do you encourage him to get himself more comfortable by just wearing his tighty whities? Nothing quite like tormenting a boy. Maybe you should tuck him in bed..smooth out his blanket. It always seems to have a lump there in the middle.. I'm sure he wouldn't mind a little mothering.....

  • My stepmom used to do that too,home from work,change into something short and see-through sometimes with no underwear. She did it sometimes when I had friends over until one day the mom of one of my friends showed up at our door and coldcocked her with one punch

  • Do you like the thought of other men seeing you ? Do you ever just wear the slip without any underwear when your son’s friends are over ?

  • That's hot. I wish I was your son. But then I would try to f*** you

  • Me two

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