I got busted wearing my MILs clothes

After getting married to my first wife I thought it would make it easier to resist wearing female clothes. But it made it worst, because now I had her mother's clothes, my wife’s, and her sister’s clothes too. It didn't take very long before I was wearing full time again every chance I got. Her mother caught me once wearing her panties, pantyhose, bra, and a dress. She was very understanding, she asked that I not wear her new clothes and not leave any stains. She asked if I was wearing her daughter’s clothes also. I told her the truth about it. She just said be careful how you leave things. After that she asked me many questions about how I started and what I felt. She seemed to be very much an understanding person. About 3 weeks later I had to swing by and drop off some plates and pot that my wife had used back to her. She was expecting me, when i walked in she was in her bra and panties. I was taken back a bit, but she got up and took the bag from me. When she returned from the kitchen she said come with me. She lead me to her bedroom, on the bed was a complete outfit, bra and matching panties, pantyhose, slip and dress. Plus a pair of white open toe sandals, a real pretty blue sun dress on the door hanging. She stated I thought you would like these things try them on, I'll wait in the living room and she walked away. I was stunned, but changed into the complete outfit and it did fit perfectly. As I walked out the heels sounded really loud on the wood floors. As I walked into the living room she stood up and checked me out fully. Caressing the dress, then running her hands across my bottom. She sat and lifted the hem looking at the slip, then she lifted the slip and looked right at the pantyhose and the panties. Her fingers went over my crotch, as she did I started to react. She leaned in and kissed my crotch. As she sat back she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, then slid it down off her arms exposing her b****** and some hard nipples. She told me to sit next to her on the sofa. She pulled me in and she leaned in and kissed me on the lips. She took hold of my right hand placed it on her left breast, squeeze it don't you like it? Go on suck on my nipple. I moved my head down and started to suckle her nipple, she said I have 2 of them. I switched over and was going back and forth, she whispered oh my that feels good. I must have been on each t** around 20 minutes when she pushed me away and laid back, she told me take off my underwear, I reach and grabbed the waist band on each side and lowered them to her thighs, she was go on get them off me. She lifted her hips and I yanked them off her, she sat there showing me her full bush. Before i could say anything she leaned back completely and hiked her right leg onto the sofa back and placed her leg on the wide exposing her completely to my view. He p**** was a bright pink. Lick my p**** you sweet thing. I got on the floor burying my face in between her thighs her scent was strong but very enticing. I proceeded to lick her, and she was soaking wet, I was actually loving it, I straining in the panties with the pantyhose holding me. It didn't take her long to reach her organism. I was busting to get out. She pushed me to one side and got up, now come with me, she lead me back to her bedroom, Now lay down on your back, she lifted the dress and the slip to my waist, then puled the pantyhose to my knees, then followed with the panties to my knees, i was hard as a iron pole, she got on the bed and straddled me, sitting and impaling herself on me. She leaned in and got in my face and said you want to c** don't you? I said yes, well then your d*** belongs to me from now on. I will dress you and you will f*** me, my daughter doesn't need your d***, I do. I just said yes, then she started to rock back and forth until I reached my release and filled her up. She leaned in and kiss me remember you wore my clothes and defiled me, by using my clothes, so it is only right you take care of my needs from now on.

Jun 21, 2021

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