Me and my biology professor

[I’ll keep the story out of details and short as possible] one day when I applied for university I was a first badge but second semester student intake and we had a very beautiful 10/10 except that she was 100% flat chested but the ass and legs and hands and face all 10/10 and she was a biology professor and I had a 1 hour break between my two classes so she allowed me to enter the class as a guest with my friends even though I was registered in engineering so I’m not required to take biology and then I started to attend as her regular student even though I’m a guest in her class and I used to answer questions and participate as well because I was very strong and exceptionally talented in biology and I was lucky enough that the 12th session I attended it was about the reproductive system and our university was very new so there weren’t to many cameras except in the hallways but no cameras in the classrooms yet anyways I was 23 when I first joined the university and she said she’ll explain the topic about how pleasure happens to the male during s** and enraging hormones and stuff about the reproductive system and she asked for a volunteer but no one raised his hand so since I was little bit older and exceptional guest so she chose me and I agreed and she asked can I please demonstrate on you how the pleasure of the male organ happens and I told her gladly and she told me to lie down on her desk and I did and she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and she pulled it down immediately (double pantsing) me with the underwear and she started to stroke it with her sexy hands in front of all the guys and girls and all of the students they were around me to watch how male pleasure works up close and I finally came ant then she cleaned me with tissue and she also pulled back up my pants and told me to get up because the class was about to be over so any student might come in any second so I must button my jeans fast and I did it and the girls and guys didn’t speak a word about that topic until today and I’m still in touch with that professor until today her hands felt like heaven she had the hands of a hand model I still remember that day as if it was yesterday

Mar 3, 2021

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