Fixation with the Nazis

I really hate how fixated with the Nazis I am. I am German, but my parents and I are living in the US. I feel so strongly and nationalistic for my country when I listen to Hitler or Goebbels and their speeches.
I know it's wrong, but I feel so strongly for the cause. I love them. They look so nice in their uniforms and suits. I wish so badly that I could be the wife of a high-ranking N*** in the 40's, at their height.

Mar 10, 2021

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  • Ew wtf

  • My mum is German, born in east Germany and saw the wall collapsing, and she gets tingles on her arms whenever she listens to his speeches. That was done purposefully. It's manipulative and only done to spark a sense of pride in people so that they'll do anything for you. The only reason Hitler was instated was because the Germans felt like they had nothing and his speeches brought something to their daily lives. They were manipulated by some sick racist fuckwad with a god complex the size of mount Everest. It's okay to feel that way about his speeches because that's what they're designed to do, to make you feel nationalistic. But please, look more into the history of Hitler and who he impacted and listen to their stories. It's heartbreaking but very much eye opening.

  • Totally normal reaction...if you didnt know of him in didnt know who he was .... u would think he was a civil rights activist and political leader, but remember that dosent exist anymore, those guys are murdered..... early hitler was obama like...hitler sounded better than trump with his anti mexico border bullshit....and look what happened...hitler gave good speeches, people are scared to say 'hitler' without repeating the obvious with it.

    time to get smart...the people are stupid

    they choose their posion everytime and seem to be stupid enough to believe the next guy..

    as far as presidents lol
    u can't win it, if you aint already IN it.
    100% sold out, so stop believing

  • Everyone feels inspired when they hear hitlers voice....its purposeful....its not mostly or all nationalism you feel but a normal reaction to a great speaker.. mein kampt.... repeat it by the 100 and 1000 fold. say it proud and the people soon chant with you...whatever you may be chanting . you are normal....

    im almost as dark as you can get (black) and have jewish friends and hitler incites me.. gives energy...etc

  • The Nazis were seriously crazy and real stupid. Like a cult. Just look up how much research and effort they put into the occult and stupid searches for holy artifacts. If you want your fantasy dispelled look into that s***, or the holocaust but I’m guessing that may not influence you if it already hasn’t.

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