Fantasy come true

My wife of 15 years has always been a flirt and when she is drinking its much worse. She's 5-7 and about 165 lbs. with a 38 d chest
I don't think she has had an affair up to now although I have which she doesn't know about. I found myself wishing she would.
Then we had the neighbor lad doing work around the house for us and she began flirting with him,more and more. He's started college and is nice looking and seemed to wear tight shorts when he was over doing work,shorts that showed a nice bulge.
When he was due to show up my wife always put on something revealing,a short house dress or a bikini that was too small for her size.
I found myself watching her and him in the backyard and getting aroused,almost hoping he or her would make a move.Yes I felt guilty about these thoughts but still they got me hard.
One day she had to go into town and was wearing a very short dress and he walked her to the car.
As she got in she put one leg in the car,the other was still out which opened her dress up as he stood there watching,then he squatted down next to her as they talked,her dress opened and he had a clear view of her pink panties.
She complained about her ankle which he began to massage as she sat there.
When she finally left he came back to the house and had the biggest b**** under those shorts.
So fast forward to a couple weeks later,we hosted a party and asked the young man to help out.
This time my wife had a short sundress on but for the most part was the perfect host except she began to drink more towards the end of the party and also had taken some medication which she wasn't supposed to when drinking and got rather loopy.
All the guest had left and he and I began to clean up but couldn't find my wife at first until he found her passed out in a lounge chair out back.
We decided to take her into the house and upstairs so he grabbed her under the arms and i got her legs to carry but she was so limp it was too difficult so he sat her up and simply hoisted her up and over his strong shoulders.
I really got aroused then seeing my unconscious wife draped over this young man's shoulders,her dress was up past her butt and it looked like she had no panties on,but she did,she wore a thong.

He carried her with very little effort to the bed and laid her out. She moaned alittle,opened her eyes for a second and smiled then closed them again.
He began to leave the room but i asked him to help me undress her which gave him a bit of a surprised look but more than willing.
Together we pulled the dress off and her big b****** lay splayed out then took off her thong.
Her p**** is quite hairy and I watched his eyes grow big as well as the bulge he had get bigger.
"I know you want her," I said,even surprising myself,then spread her legs more. "I bet she's wet too," I nervously laughed and guided his fingers to her c***.
He seemed shocked but his fingers massaged her which sort of woke her up.
In the darkened room she didn't know I was there and looked at the young man she had flirted with then pulled him close.
I just eased out of the room and went downstairs to have another drink.
I could hear the moaning and shortly thereafter he came down looking sheepish.
"How is she ?" I asked. "Passed out cold again," he giggled.
Did I feel guilty? Maybe a little but for whatever reason it felt good

Mar 13, 2021

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  • When I look back certain scenes like finding her passed out then he hoists her up and over his shoulders,her ample ass cheeks staring back at me,then as he carries her,her head and arms swinging until he lays her on the bed.
    I wish now I had stayed,maybe guided his massive c*** into her or given him a quick b******* before he f***** her.
    I thought too about maybe we could have staged a "fight"and he knocked me out. That would have got her even more horney and I could have watched.
    Oh well

  • Nothing more arousing for a husband than to watch his wife get taken by a young stud

  • Im married 30 years and sometimes my wife and i go to bars and i watch as shes chatted up .it always turned me on watching guy kiss and touch her . she never go further we always meet up and head home and then our fun start .we pretend im the stranger guy and its him f****** her .

  • When I was a young lad the older (mid 30's ) married lady across the road used to flirt with me until we started an affair, lasted years, until we lost contact but gave me a lifelong desire for older women.

  • Wow. That’s a super hot story. Are you willing to share pics of your hot flirtatious wife ?

  • I am willing to share pics of my wife and tell u about 3somes we hav had email me

  • Wow

  • It’s great

  • So hot

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