Neighbors helping neighbors

My 40ish married neighbor showing interest in retired long time country neighbor. I've noticed the lady across the road from us being overtly friendly to me, more so than my wife. She asked me if I'd be interested in cutting up a tree for them as she knows we heat with a wood. It was a rather hot summer day I was working on it when she came home. I was resting in the shade and she came out with a cold drink. She had on some shorts on that had rather lose fitting material around her very tanned, muscular thighs. She proceeded to almost parade around me as I was leaning up against their barn, giving me occasional glances. She was not wearing underwear and I caught several glances of her very wet p****. She was near dripping and there was no hiding her excited scent. She kept it up, and mentioned her husband was out of town on business. I know for a fact she also knew my wife was away babysitting our grandkids in the city. She told me that my wife had mentioned to her that after she went through menopause that s** was painful because of the size of my c***. That was painfully true, but I can't believe my wife shared that with her.
She asked me into her home and got quite aggressive at this point, sharing things about her marriage that surprised me. She exclaimed her husband didn't care for oral s**, either performed on him or reciprocation. She asked if I'd like to shower after my hard days work and I readily complied. They had a huge walk in and she joined me. We were enjoying lathering each other up. She is about 5'10 inches tall with an athletic muscular build, large probably 36D b******, a suckable delicious looking p****. We got out of the shower and headed right to her king size bed. She started to give me one of the best b******* of my life. I'm rather fortunate to be rather well endowed, about 9"s and rather wide in girth. She definitely knew what she was doing because she would bring me to the brink of o***** and the slow down, squeezing my b**** until the precum was dripping from my mushroom head. This lady really wants to play. I began licking her delectable p****. She has auburn colored hair with a small landing strip just above her prize, and a seemingly very wet, very tight p****. I began to lick her from her puckered ass to her protruding c***, she throbbed and thrashed around that king size bed uncontrollably, having one o***** after another. She was near delirious and screaming for more so loudly I was glad we were in the country.
After she regained her composure she crawled on top and assured me, unlike my wife, she could handle anything I could dish out. She reached down between us and placed my raging throbbing c*** at the entrance of her wet p**** and lowered herself slowly down my entire length. I could feel her juices dripping from my b****. She started to grind on me and I knew she was stimulating her gspot, after several minutes she raised up and squirted violently, almost passing out. She collapsed on the bed beside me and we layed there for several minutes. She asked if I would give it to her doggy style, she said I could achieve maximum penetration in this position. She got up on her knees and I assumed my position behind her. Now I must say she is quite a sight, her large b****** with her eraser size nipples sticking out at least 3/4 of an inch, her very tanned body looked very inviting. She asked that I take it easy at first because I was considerably bigger than her husband. I complied by just sticking half of my 9"s in then pulling out until just the tip was in, you could see the lips of her v***** gripping my c***, and her puckered b******** pulsating. At this point she was ready, she leaned down until those magnificent b****** were on the bed, arching her back, and begging for more. I could hold back no longer and proceeded to pound away on that beautiful p****. I could feel her p**** milking my ragging h******, reaching under her I squeezed her hard nipple and drove as deep as I could. She said I was hitting her cervix and begged me to unload her her pulsating c***. I complied having one of the most satisfying o****** of my entire life. Rolling onto my back beside her she proceeded to lick and suck my c*** until I was completely cleaned up. The c** was running down the inside of her beautiful tanned thighs. We showered together while she told me she had never had so many o****** in one session in her life, and asked if we could do a repeat soon. I'm not proud of the fact that I cheated on my wife, but I will say she left a lasting impression..

Mar 14, 2021

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  • I would have gone down on her after coming inside her. πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ‘…

  • It’s worth it. Keep doing it.

  • U playing dangerous game buddy and I speak from experience my suggestion is talk neighbor see if she b interested in getting your wife involved and have her talk to the wife about it so u seem clueless if neighbor lady into it she probably won’t have any problems with how appropriately groom wife and then u r golden keep up the one on one thing secretly better sleep one eye open.

  • Most men can't handle two women at once, they will probably kill you

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