I am a loser and an addict

I am addicted to youtube and know i need to work harder but i just dont. i dont know why, but im also just using that as an excuse. im a ** and i dont know how to stand up for myself, i just hide and avoid potentially awkward situations. i literally have no life and i dont know how to talk to people about it. i procrastinate so much and im just gonna keep failing when i should be working continuously and not giving up, i always very quickly fall into laziness and in a hopeless victim state. i want to be an adult but im 22. idk. i need to start having a life. thanks for hearing me out.

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  • It is healthy to vent and get it off your chest.
    You will get it together, just stay positive.
    With this Covid around so long everone is affected by it, your not alone!!
    Stay well healthy and most of all Happy.

  • You need to schedule some sessions with a psychiatrist, social worker or mental health counsellor, if at all possible. I believe you are battling with a form of depression. You may not believe you are "depressed", in the sense of generic unhappiness or malaise, but what you may have is sneaky and eats away at yourself and your self-image, and it may have been there for years. I don't "know" that, of course, and I am not diagnosing you, but that's why you need to speak with a professional. Please don't continue trying to wrestle with this on your own. If i'm close to being right, that could mean you are fighting yourself, and that's obviously self-destructive. Please try to find some help. Things CAN get better.

  • Hey, i just want to thank you for your sweet message. i actually did start seeing a psychologist recently, and it already helped me find out a bunch of things. Honestly i was just venting. I really appreciate your concern and it would have pushed me to get therapy if i hadnt already, so keep being your kind soul self :)

  • Get up off computer and enjoy life ** other people and what they say or think of you people who are judging you to make themselves feel better about fact their actually what u r thinking of yourself just look at it like this. What do u have to loose if u actually feel that way about yourself just say yeah I know thanks to you tho I feel better knowing that someone is more pathetic than me so much so you sit around pointing out flaws on others to take your mind off how much looser u r thank them and walk the ** out ur 22 should b prime of life trust me ** what people think people r ** stupid smartphones have turned everyone stupid common sense is no longer common and if ur under 25 most wouldn’t know ** thing if they couldn’t ask google for answer they b lost and clueless how even survive older than 40 can’t even begin to believe the complete waste of life and time people spend on line and in between just flat out dgaf so b u b whoever you want to b do what u want life is short u will quickly c b4 u know it u b 40 trust me faster than you ever even imagine 0-20 seemed forever 20-40 seemed not even half as long keeps getting faster faster older u get don’t waste life afraid to bwhoever u want u regretclater

  • Thanks thats actually pretty motivating. and yeah my generation really wastes their life online, and i did a big part of my life too. but i want to actually have a life now.

  • Your generation is so dependent on electronic gadgets you can't even add up and or count.
    I've lost track of the times I've given a cashier the odd extra few pence so that they can give me whole pounds back as my change rather than a pocket full coins but it just confuses them.
    So sad really that they can't live without a calculator.

  • Hahahah! i mean youre right, i used to be in denial but its true. I think a big factor is how addictive theyve made social media though. its not the only factor but it plays a big role.

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