I feel alone.. :(

I was molested as a child. And I believe it resulted to me being gay. And no one knows. I'm in love and I'm hoping she feels the same way with me. I've fallen in love before but my heart just keeps breaking. now, I just can't help but feel lonely.. 'cause I may never find a partner and may never be truly happy. I'm scared.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Nothing "makes you" gay - you're born with it or you're not. You might have trust issues but that doesn't mean you're gay. Of course, you could just not be ready for a relationship yet.

  • No one knows I'm gay.. I'm trying to "not" be gay.

    Yeah.. i'm pretty sure depression is what really getting me. I haven't told anyone (only a guidance counselor, once) and it was really hard for me. ANd i'm thinking, I don't wanna tell anyone 'cause I don't want my family to find out. I don't want them to feel like they haven't protected me and haven't been sensitive to what was happening to me for several years.
    I'm confused...............

  • First, you are not alone. There are so many kids who have been molested and as a result feel screwed up sexually. Have you ever talked to anyone, like a professional, about being molested? It is such a heavy burden, I don't see how anyone could handle it without someone wise to speak with. Aside from the gay issue, just you saying you feels so alone and wonder if you will ever be happy - maybe depression is more of the serious result from molestation.

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