Anyone else married but has a filthy side piece?

I've been married for 5 years, sort of had a thing going with another woman for 8 years.

The other woman is a random woman I hooked up with, and kept going back for more. A while later met my wife but didn't stop seeing the first woman, ended up getting married and still haven't stopped seeing the other woman.

My wife is slim, tall but not taller than me, a nice set of t*** and ass, gets plenty of attention without looking like a s***, which she isn't at all. S** is good but we don't experiment that much. I've tried but she isn't into a lot of things other than different positions and a few random places.

The other woman is utter filth. First of all she is short and chubby, huge sagging t***, a flabby big bum, amazing eyes and smile. Being honest not someone I would want people to know I've been with, horrible I know. But my god she turns me on. I often think of her when wanking or having s** with my wife. She plays a sub to me, will suck me off in public places, does a***, ass to mouth, rims me, sexiest foot jobs, likes to be f***** hard and rough. Nothing is off limits. A few threesomes too. She is also an amazing mistress, dominates me, belittles and teases me, totally emasculates me. Makes me eat her ass, swallow my c**, ties a chain around my neck and walks me around her house and the best is her strapon f******, amazing skills she has for me to give in and be her f*** toy. I can't get enough of her.

I don't know how to stop seeing her, I don't want to but figure I can't do this forever. She currently has a boyfriend too, but doesn't want to stop what we have. We wouldn't work as a couple but as f*** buddies were great. I feel bad for my wife, but I treat her like a queen.

What should I do?

Mar 16, 2021

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  • Lies. No piece of trash has a house let alone a floor a prissy little office b**** boy would walk around on, let alone on all fours...

  • It feels like heaven until you get caught and your perfect world turns into pure s***. Find a less risky, less immoral source of pleasure. Can't be a pig in life because pigs get sent to the slaughterhouse.

  • Your wife deserves BETTER.

  • Agreed, I know I'm scum. But I'm a decent earner and would like to work less but don't so my wife could give up her job to start up a business she loves but is in early stages. I cook, I clean, I shop, I do all sorts so my wife has less to do and more time on her passion. She has to travel a bit for work so this is when I see my girlfriend mostly. Although today I went round at lunchtime from my office to see her and f***** her and got a b******.

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