My 'Weird Taste' in Women

I turned 20 last week. I adore moms. Women in their 30's and 40's are my favorite by far, always have been. Last weekend I asked a 40 year old woman out to coffee in front of her friends as I held out my number on the back of a receipt and she was flatted. She was clearly into me, but she had to say no.
I fantazie about giving a sexually frustrated married woman the time of her life. I'm pretty fit, can keep really hard for as long as I need to, and am decently 'well-endowned.' My dream is for a hot mom to tell me that I'm better in bed than her husband.

I ran into my old high school teacher today and she gave me a big hug. That warm embrace of a real woman gives me a feeling that I don't get with a 20 something.

Mar 16

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  • Older will do everything under the sun without much drama and will take care of you. Younger women stress you out a lot when it comes to s**. Find a woman who’s in her sexual peak and you will see what I’m talking about.

  • Mature women are great in f******. This woman (44) I (26) am with her spend hours in bed - hugging, cuddling, fondling each others body in nude till we are ready to f***. She is always relaxed and abandoned in f******. The best when she rides my c*** with her hanging sagging t*** on my face to play with them and suck and massage them hard. When about to c** she tilts her head back thrust h****** my c***, shivers all over her body - this is the time I e******** deep into her - we remain there as she tries to squeeze h****** my softening c*** as if draining it as hard as possible ... and then slump on my chest. We enjoy the warmth, smell and sweat of each others body!

  • A milf can drain your b**** like no other sucking machine.

  • Enjoy yourself! You will eventually find that Milf who wants to get it on every day.

  • U Definitely have wanked off thinking abt ur Mom

  • I do it it sometime! Wish she catches me doing it so that I can grab her right then to take her to my bed!!

  • YES!!! They know things that younger women don't know, and they aren't afraid to try things that are considered "taboo".

  • I feel their soft older p****** and the thick lips ...

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