What the “WTF”

I have this anger towards this one person that was in my girlfriend’s life that I know she will take back if I wasn’t in the picture. He used to be her best friend but he was also obsessed with her. I’m not just saying that as a cliche thing but before I got with her, I was already friends with people that had worked with her and the best friend before. They had told me he was a weird one and he rubbed them the wrong way especially when he’s around “my girl”. That he was in love with her. Welllllll, when I first met it... it wasn’t a nice meet and greet. I like eye contact and I like when you’re able to speak like an adult and especially if it’s in my own g******* house. He did none of those things and actually had a hissy fit before getting to my house that he didn’t want to meet me, he just wanted to pick up my girl and go.

Later that week after meeting each other for the first time, he did something that my girlfriend might’ve forgiven but I don’t. I was at work and they were chilling and her brother was there too. (Listen, I already think boy and girl can’t be best friends because there’s always one that feels something for the other majority of the time) anyways, brother ended up going to living room and my girl was going to take a nap so she’s awake when I come out. This m***********! Instead of going to the living room with her brother, he stood there next to her and decided to try and dry hump her while she was sleeping. (Clothes on) she had woke up to kick him out and she told me but not in detail until a little later in the months. By then I had told her to cut him off because I was not comfortable with that and because that was no mistake. Til this day she doesn’t like bringing his name up or the situation because in her eyes she’s missing her good friend that made a mistake but in my eyes he’s a g******* f****** pervert who was contemplating that for a while. That s*** is not no f****** mistake. How the f*** can you consider someone accidentally humping you while you were asleep a f****** mistake!!

So anyways, we’re having a convo and I had asked her if we ended on good terms and to work on ourselves if she would give me a 2nd chance down the road. She said no. But before I asked her this I had asked her would you give him a 2nd chance and she said yes because it was a mistake he didn’t mean to do and he was really sorry for it... like what!? Like am I missing something here?? How does that make any damn sense. I’m appalled like can someone please explain to me how the f*** you can give a sick b****** a 2nd chance but not someone you ended on good terms with? She’s choosing not to see the bad in him like because he did that shows and tells that he would do something worse like he’s not trusted at all. Of course, it’s out of my hands of what should be done to him. But she knows if she were to have him return to her life, that that day will be the same day I walk out of hers.

Mar 17, 2021

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