Obsession with Female Booty/Facesitting?

Why? Why do I love it so much? I really don't know... I think it all started in childhood- there I was- an innocent young boy, playing on the playground with other kids back in the 80s, when it happened suddenly: a girl was sitting on a swing maybe 6-10 ft ahead of me, and a hyper boy comes along suddenly and decides to pull her pants down as a joke, while she continues to sit on the swing, laughing herself while remaining totally nude from the waist down with wanton abandon- and I saw it for the first time- a bare female buttocks...burning an image on my young impressionable brain for the first time. Then there were a handful of other things that happened that fanned this a$s fixation along- and tho the term didn't exist really back then, I became an unofficial "a$sman." I think I saw by accident a show on an old TV sitcom where a woman ends up sitting on a dude's face, both fully clothed of course- this installed in me a weird excitement of the idea of a female backside being perched on one's face to be exciting, but nothing explicit than that... then fast fwd to adolescence-young adulthood where u end up seeing p*rn depicting all this sh##- the worst was like deviant dvd, mfx vids, facesat plonx etc- I stumbled across this in the early 00s and tho the basic idea of facesitting was exciting itself, the things they were doing here- like pressing the face nose into the actual a-hle, licking and putting their tongues there while the dominant female would rope tie the man's "parts", and then manipulate and pull the rope at her own whim while the poor victim is under her "servicing" her back end - I found the idea of it utterly repulsive, wrong and degrading...but the strange thing is even tho I felt that way- there was something so primal, raw and taboo about it which somehow made it strangely arousing- and it shocked the h*** out of me- I mean how could I, a basically sensible, normal and sane person, feel excited by the idea of these poor men being made to lick the a-hles of those very mean ladies???- and yet it was, and I feel guilty about this even till today with my palm on my face...Esp back then in uni, there was this new trend, thx to JLo, of women's a$ses suddenly being fashionable- so u saw the emergence of young women proudly displaying their hot buttcracks, and hiphuggers to display their glorious large, plump roundness- and finally my time: the era of the as$man, had finally arrived and it was very exciting on a daily basis and a glorious time and had fun, but still I felt guilty about the particular attraction to the stuff I saw on the PC screen: I mean when we know that every morning, every human must sit on the toilet and do their business- and we know that from which part of the human anatomy this occurs from- so how could those men burying their faces, noses and dare I say, tongues, there possibly be arousing to look at? Alas...they were licking the butts, and not just the crack, but even far worse...Still can't understand it, and feel guilty about the idea of facesitting being exciting in general and about even worse thoughts about myself being in the position of those sick bas#rds myself which compounds the guilt- and then of course u have to constantly resist and fight those thoughts off because they're wrong- but that only makes them stronger...and here we are: still in the Era of As$: where yoga pants, squatting exercises and a$s is king. Thankfully, have never acted on these things or ever been facesat- if I ever did, Idk if I could ever handle the guilt afterwards thinking "OMG, why have I done???", but still the excitement of that idea remains of worshipping that thing on a lady- I can be ok and accept that, but what about the idea of the worse things that are a step further?- u know, like those sickos with face all up in the ahle, and even tongue there?- that's really bad stuff, very depraved, very degrading and very unfortunate that such things could stir such feelings- that's a really tough one to accept- the childhood version of me would look upon me like: "what the h***?", "how could the idea of something like that be exciting?" And yet it is...wtf??? Man, I'm so messed up...

Mar 19, 2021

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  • Https://onlyfans.com/briwiththebooty I think you’d enjoy this 😌 don’t be ashamed!

  • Enjoy and relax and most of all have fun, you only live once make the most of it..

  • What's taboo is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. It's normal to have some kind of fetish. Although some are not accepted by stupid society. What you have is common. If we all just started openly expressing our desires, we will began to accept each other as we are. Enjoy all the butts you can get!

  • Wow you are too invested in being shocked. There’s a lot worse you could be into. Chill out.

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