You took me away from Randy; the man I really loved

My wife said this the week before Valentines day. She was surprised when I didn't get her a valentine the next week. Not sure why but the stupid b**** was.

We were divorced by May.

Mar 17

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  • She is very short sighted individual.
    And she really doesn't know how relationships work.
    I wish you good luck.
    Someone else posted to beat her, I really think that is a bad idea.

  • The word "stupid" is entirely applicable, but not nearly strong enough or wide enough to describe how brain-dead she had to have been to say such a thing. And it wasn't just mindless and thoughtless of her. And retarded. And pointlessly cruel. It was also self-defeating, because she really HAD to have known that no man would hear that and not react to it. By saying it, she left herself without her breadwinner and her means of support. I would say she's VERY lucky that is ALL that happened to her: with LOTS of men, she would have also surely caught a beating that put her in the hospital. I say you showed incredible restraint and courtesy, and she didn't deserve it. You used another word entirely appropriate to the circumstances: "B****". I hope she and that little f***** Randy are happy now. You, my friend, are well-rid of the B****. Best wishes to you and any new LADY you choose. You deserve only good from now on.

  • She married a boy that was brain damaged by drug use. I married a Japanese woman who has given me beautiful children.

  • Congratulations, amigo!!! VERY nicely done!!!!

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