What's wrong with me - PLEASE HELP

Ok so I'm a 15 yr old girl (thought u should know this cuz idk if being a teenager has something to do with this). I get really anxious with most of the things I do. I'm quite a confident person (for a teenager) but I've recently been getting more and more anxious. I do suffer from anxiety and panick attacks but it has been getting worse. I used to cut and I get anxious from not being able to anymore, it stresses me out sometimes. That's a whole other confession tho. What I came here to get some help with are these voices.

Only my sister know about this and I told her briefly. I trust her a lot. Basically I sometimes hear these voices in my head whispering things to me. Most of the time they're just screaming/shouting and recently I did hear a dog growling which was weird and new. The things they say range and usually are quite odd. The most recent said 'just go to sleep'. This caused me to have a panic attack and now I'm paranoid things are following me. I can feel them watching me. Idk what they are.

To sleep I take sleeping pills now because otherwise I have literally no chance of any rest. I twitch my head a lot (mostly when I'm thinking dark thoughts like killing myself or cutting which both of them I have attempted tho obviously I haven't succeeded in killing myself). My parents only know I'm slightly sad and anxious but I hide a lot from them because I hate my mum and my dad (don't get me wrong he is a really good father) doesn't have much sympathy.

I basically live in a world of only one person I trust and even then I get paranoid she hates me. (My sister). I hate school so much I feel like every time I come home I need to wash myself clean. Sometimes I randomly feel faint and light headed but I think that's due to panic attacks? Idk. Please comment anything to help me. I really need it. Maybe tell me a similar story u have? Idk if this is normal for teenagers or not because my sense of judgement is way off. I hate reality as well, I have this phobia of it so I daydream a lot which usually turns to voices or dark thoughts and love to play games to get away from it.

I don't wanna sound like some pathetic teenager trying to get people to sympathise but I need help and doing it anonymously is the only way I feel comftorble.

Jan 7, 2015

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  • When I was growing up I had very similar experiences. Anxiety so bad that sometimes I would feel bursts of rage or depression and not being able to explain it just made it worse and I would spiral. I broke my wrist during an episode at about 15. The anxiety wasn't anything people who weren't close noticed. I had friends. I was popular-ish, but I had a lot of demons inside. I cut myself. I actually lashed out manipulating some of the people around me to drag them down like me. A LOT of people are going to suggest drugs (therapist style). While I would actually look into the voices thing and condone medication if you have schizophrenia, I don't think you need medication for anxiety. Anxiety effects everyone and medication is a crutch that you will rely on your whole life. Working through it on your own is a much more cathartic. I have tricks. Mine are weird, but hey, whatever works. I keep a ball point pen and click it at least 20 times before allowing myself to spiral or jump heart first into a feeling. I make a lot of lists. I remind myself that everything is going to be okay, because honestly, it will.

  • Some of what you're going through could indeed be you being 15 and growing up and having to deal with things that are not pleasant, like school. And then there is the reality that you could have a depression, OCD, anxiety and even bipolar. So what do you do? Let people in. Like your parents. Even if it feels uncomfortable. They love you and they want to help you. Go to a doctor or a therapist and be honest with what you're feeling and experiencing. Like the other commenter said..your diet and exercise - just by changing the smallest things you can see major differences in how you feel. If you consume a lot of sugar or soda, stop. You may sleep better and just feel overall better. You say you hate school. Would you be happier if you were at a different school or home-schooled? Is that a remote option? Is that the primary source? High school can suck, but you can survive. But you didn't say why you are hating it. You don't sound pathetic. But do yourself a huge favor and ask for help. Things do get better.

  • The hormones really mess up a teens body. I would really encourage you to go see a couple of doctors. You can always try to see if changing your diet can help. Try cutting out one type of food at a time. Like no milk for a few days and then no citrus and so on. Finally get plenty of exercise. walking, running and even better consider a team sport esp if its coed social team so you mix with a variety of people.

  • Get it checked out. It could possibly be Schizophrenia.

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