Didn't want to lose the bet

I was up talking with my brother in law having a few drinks when my husband was upstairs sleeping, the conversation turned to s** and found out he's addicted to self pleasure can't go a day without it,I made a bet of £100 he couldn't stop for 2 weeks,it was going to be easy money or so i thought,it got near the end of our bet and how was i going to explain to my husband where the money had gone,I could see he was finding it tough sometimes he couldn't be around me because something i would be wearing at the time would turn him on,I played on that making it hard for him to think of anything else purposely flashing him,when the last day came he was asleep in our spare room after a night drinking i waited 10 minutes after my husband left and sneaked in to bed with him,it was to easy removed the sheets pulled down his boxers without waking him up and started having s** with him,he opened his eyes i put my hand on his mouth telling it would be over soon,I thought it was odd after a few minutes he hadn't c** i didn't have a chance to ask he rolled me over and f***** me hard and rough,my husband has never been like that with me wish he would sometimes, afterwards i said to him thought it wouldn't take you that long and he said it helps if you j*** off before,to this day we haven't spoken about it.

Mar 20, 2021

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