Starting trans

I was raised by a step mother but spent a lot oft time with her sister and my three step-cousins. One is my age, one is two years older and the third is seven years older. They, especially the younger ones, helped me figure out the I needed to start my trans journey.
I was staying with them one week when I was 13. I was sharing a bed with the cousin my age. One night I wet the bed. In the morning my aunt came in to get us up and I told her i'd had an accident. She told me to take my pajamas and shorts off and take a shower. When I finished I put on my cousin's terrycloth robe and went into the bedroom. My aunt came in and handed me a pair of my cousin's panties and told me to wear them for the day. I went into the bathroom to put them on and had a very powerful sexual feeling as if this was the right thing to do. I wore the panties all day and before bed my aunt came in and told me she'd spoken to my step mom and they decided I should wear diaper at night. I didn't complain. She then told me that my cousin had the same problem and often wore diapers. I was going to wear one of hers and a pair of her pink plastic panties. In the morning I still had the diaper on but was dry. My aunt took me into town to get my own diapers and three pair plastic panties. When we got home I asked my cousin if I could wear her panties while Was there and she said I could. She gave me another pair but these weren't plain white nylon. They were pink nylon briefs with lace on one side. I loved it. I spent a lot of time there as the summer went on and wore her panties every time. One day my aunt told me it was time I got my own so they took me shopping for panties and it was a thrill. I felt very much at home being like a girl. I was afraid to tell my stepmom but my aunt took care of that for me and my step mom was supportive and told her she always thoughtI was more girl than boy. I was 14 that summer and by the end of the summer the girls were showing me how to use makeup. I started wearing make up every day. So now I had panties and makeup. My next step was pantyhose. The girls and my aunt wore them a lot so I asked if I could try. My cousin gave me a pair and I loved them so I started wearing them under jeans and shorts. I next I started wearing my cousin's jeans and some of her tops. they told me iI could probably pass as a girl. By fifteen i was ready to start seeing a psychiatrist to find out if I should transition and by 16 i was on HRT. The HRT was working well. I was seeing the shrink so i was moving along with no trauma. The major thrill that fall was when i bought my first bra. My b****** had been growing. There was the usual soreness but they were definite growing. My two younger cousins told me one day that i'd better think about getting into bras because my b****** were obvious especially if the nipples were hard. The bra fitting was a thrill. i picked out 6 for starters. the girls made me slow down because they said my b****** would continue to grow. But I now had three padded bras, the kind most girls wear for every day, two lacy push up bras and a black lace shelf bra. i bought the matching panties for the black one and matching panties for the white and pink push up. I was now presenting as a girl all the time and well along the road. I may get breast implants but I will wait on that. i definitely want bottom surgery as soon as i'm ready. And it all started because I wet the bed one night!

Mar 21, 2021

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  • Wonderful way to grow up!

  • What you do with your life as an adult is your business. My best advice to you is don't make any hasty decisions and take your time to think things through. Some people have gotten surgeries and regretted it because it was irreversible. I have nothing against trans people but like I said just give yourself time. I want to treat you like I would my son or my own daughter, I would give them the same advice. Good luck to you and live a good life.

  • If it is a story, so what.
    If it really happened again so what.
    I have seen so many men grow up and Not be able to say I have a softer side to my personality.
    So they are really unhappy and they tend to drink way to much and be unhappy and that unhappiness spreads to others that know this type of a man.
    I would rather let a person grow up and change s** if that is what they really want to be happy.
    We are all the same but different and with that difference I'll tell you this.
    I told my girl freind that I like to wear panties, so she got up and found a pair to fit me and that was decades ago and I'm still wearing panties now..
    So what, we're really happy and it shows and others can see it, so Be Happy...

  • That was kinda hot and I'm a straight male middle aged. and whatever you do don't listen to that f****** loser f****** homophobe f****** whatever he is down there he just talk s*** on every single post so why I would do is I would just report him every single time you see his face or his message of hate

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