Adopted son and mom.

Briefly i lost my mom and dad through natural causes before i was seven. Adopted then by moms cousin and her two sisters, none of them were married. They ran a small business but every day the two sisters would be out of the house running the business. Ever since i was eight my adopted mom who i will call T, had a nice full figure and was 46 yrs old would say daily she was going to wash her face. Nothing wrong there except i eventually realized after months that she always left the bathroom door open. I then started to peep at her, she finished off by lifting up her petticoat, slipping down her knickers and washing her privates to my surprise or should i say delight. I always felt guilty but this went on for years and even at that young age i was getting a full erection and soaking wet. Every time she told me she was going to the bathroom i would wait a minute and then go to my bedroom where i could watch.
One day when i was about 13 and minding my own business she asked me if i knew about s** and the p****, being shy i just said yes. Not long after that when i could stand it no longer, i came into the bathroom and put my hand on her bare hips and told her i liked her and wanted to know things. She said wait until bed time and she can tell her two sisters that i would be sleeping with her because of nightmares. OMG i couldnt wait but i wore my pyjamas and pretended to be asleep. When she came into the bedroom she locked the door, turned on the light , stripped down to bra and knickers and the turned off lights. In the darkness however i could hear her removing the rest. She got in beside me with her back to me. My erection was against her hips so she told me to get out of bed and remove pyjamas. We explored each others naked bodies doing everything, she started sucking me, she taught me to lick her, she turned over and taught me how to take her from behind which i really enjoyed and would c** hard inside her and she did also. When i was 15 she was 53 !!!To cut this story short it stopped when i was 21 and other family members were going to live with us in our big house.

Mar 22, 2021

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