His Father Ate Me Out

My boyfriend walked in on his dad under the table eating me out. He broke up without allowing me to explain.

Mar 25, 2021

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  • How can you justify that?

  • So did your boyfriend's dad do a better job than your boyfriend maybe that's why I broke up with you and you know that's hot actually I would have told my wife has an extremely hot mom and I thought the daughters were supposed to look like the mom just had 20 years my wife doesn't look anywhere near like her mom if she did I'd be like rolling in Dixie cups I've been her mom in a second New York second she's hot

  • How do ypu explain that Dad is eating you under the table?
    Please explain it to all that read this and let us vote on it to see if it is valid or not..

  • A confused attempt at CPR?.

  • I guess you think he's being unreasonable?
    What a cretin.

  • Dam you cant explain that tho๐Ÿ˜—

  • Your lucky thats all he did! If I was him you and dear old dad would be spending a few months in the hospital!!

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