I was spanked until I was 16

My mom and step dad spanked me bare ass. with giant glue sticks, broke wooden spoons on me. when i got older they would let me keep my undies on. one time, my father beat me with a belt so many times I lost consciousness. i lost count at 14 and the rest I blacked out. they love jesus. i tried to kill myself. there was much more abuse, mental, emotional, and sexual harrassment.

i am happy and healthy now, at 25, and successful. I am now working on not being afraid to share my story or protect my abusers anymore. I am so thankful i survived.

thank you

Mar 25, 2021

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  • At the age of 16 my mom put me on her thighs with my butt exposed to spank me. Suddenly I had an erection and my hard-on nuzzled between her warm thighs. It felt so good! And I came in gushes covering her skirt with my sticky s****. Mom did not say any thing. At night she called me in her bed and she started to cuddle and kiss me telling that she won't spank me any more.

  • My parents were horrible, they had serious issues. When I was 17 my mom started beating me for the most stupidest reason, I was bigger than her, I lost my temper and I threw her across the room and she never touched me again. I'm not proud of that but I just couldn't take it anymore. She told my step dad and he didn't do anything. I joined the Marines soon after. When I got older I confronted them both. They both came from abusive family so the cycle was just continuing. Every time I got angry with my son I would think of my parents. I spanked his bottom one time his whole life, just a smack on his rear end for being disrespectful. Back done I took my parents abuse way too personal, I finally figured out that they were just messed up people and I was better than them. Standing up to them helped but still, they had issues. Good luck with your life and your future and I hope this helped.

  • I had abusive parents. I couldn't wait to get out of the house and join the military.

  • It sounds like you're doing the right thing and moving on with your life. If you still feel things bother you don't be ashamed to seek out therapy or counseling, it helps trust me.

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