Why doesn't God heal spinal scholoisis? Or amputees?

God never cures those diseases. You got a crooked back and you pray it stays crooked. You are missing a limb or whatever it stays missing. So why aren't these maladies dealt with the same as other ailments?

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  • Easy, "God" is a primitive outdated myth that cults/religion used to substitute science. Now it's grown bigger into an invasive construct that poisons society in the form of Republicans.

  • Because "God" does not exist. Never was and never will. "God" is just a man-made character, invented by primitive desert-dwelling savages to explain what they don't know.

  • He doesn't cure spinal cord injuries either.

  • Uh.... God as most religions describe "him" doesn't exist. If he did, he has to be one sadistic SOB.

  • I ask the same question about unicorns. Not sure why they aren’t helping.

  • Don't question god -you job is to find a cure not blame the almighty

  • Whats Gods job? Sit up there doing nothing?

  • Pretty much, biggest hoax of all time

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