Why doesn't God heal spinal scholoisis? Or amputees?

God never cures those diseases. You got a crooked back and you pray it stays crooked. You are missing a limb or whatever it stays missing. So why aren't these maladies dealt with the same as other ailments?

Mar 26, 2021

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  • Because there no GOD to fool. It’s all made up. Why do you think there’s 100 different religions. Because the s*** is made up. Next time ask the devil to help because he definitely exists.

  • Study PP quimby. He was an early American healer but his methods and reasoning cured people. You have to train your mind to understand that creation exists as perfect ideas and those ideas still exist. Those ideas can be materialised into a healthy body if and only if your absolutely believe that it is true. just like you absolutely believe that 2+2=4 . Quimby cured all kinds of illnesses by getting people to change their view of their body. Sounds crazy but it is fact. Its a bit like you accepting that 2+2=5 . To get it right you have to change your thinking. Do not blame God, His ideas are perfect it is us who get them wrong.

  • Easy, "God" is a primitive outdated myth that cults/religion used to substitute science. Now it's grown bigger into an invasive construct that poisons society in the form of Republicans.

  • Because "God" does not exist. Never was and never will. "God" is just a man-made character, invented by primitive desert-dwelling savages to explain what they don't know.

  • He doesn't cure spinal cord injuries either.

  • Uh.... God as most religions describe "him" doesn't exist. If he did, he has to be one sadistic SOB.

  • I ask the same question about unicorns. Not sure why they aren’t helping.

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