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Stop what you're doing and contact the person you miss. Whether this means mailing them a letter, calling them on the phone, sending them a text, knocking on their door, emailing them, or just walking up them in person, there's no harm in a simple hello and letting that person know that you were thinking of them. I bet if everyone did this, they would find the person who they were missing has been missing them too. Do it.

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  • My love to you... P... J... O....

  • I miss someone that doesn't miss me.

  • It's too early to be bothering people lol

  • I wish we were as normal humans,i wish to see and feel the realness ,I don't want to look at you and see only poetry.
    If only I had that hunger that makes one desperate.But I understand even if that attribute was given then also it would not change any settings what we are now..

  • I know, it's just too complicated. We both do not want it desperately enough to make it work.

  • There is nothing to be sad we are maintaining the standards creative minds are best dreamers.
    They create breathtaking moments only dreaming.
    As long dreams stay and hunger to put them into words stay we will live on or else we have been stagnant from beginning only.

  • That's sweet

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