I think my son is using my dirty **?!

My son is 12, I noticed that my ** were slightly wet (in the ** area) when I went to do the laundry and the discharge was mostly gone. I'm not sure how to go about this as we are close and we never have problems. I'm disappointed.

Mar 30, 2021

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  • Once he has started to do this it is possible that he might or might not stop using **, his discovers are ingrained in to him now.
    He knows how they feel against his skin. He could even end up wearing ** because they feel do soft and slinky on the skin.
    So if he dose do this do not say anything he us going through a alot of thoughts and feelings, and this doesn't make him bad just **.
    If he,wears ** let him they feel better than others course cotton that men have to wear..

  • Don't be so stupid !
    The kid is interested in what his mum keeps in her knickers, not the material.
    He'll be trying to see her naked too and exercising his wrist !

  • Shut the FUCKup SickFUCK

  • You have a very limited vocabulary so I will keep this simple.
    Go to your toilet and drink all the water in the bowl. It will not help with your stupidity, but I think it will not hurt you small brain either!!!!!!!!!
    All you say is FU*K, you must know more words than a 5th grader!!!

  • Maybe you should give him the real thing. Just make sure to tell us what happened.

  • Send me a picture of your ** ** with you in them. Jerrybob122@yahoo.com

  • It's not really that uncommon. You may want to talk to him about it, but try not to be disappointed. He is attracted to you and your disgust, as justified as it may be, would hurt him pretty deeply. He probably feels bad about doing it, but not able to control it.

  • Lots of boys do this .. it normal..

  • ** no this ain't normal at all.

  • Maybe your ** are too **?

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