You're not born a conspiracy theorist

My parents are both anti vaxxers, my dad completely denies that covid exists and he's also an anti masker, but I'm pro vaccine and pro mask. So don't worry :), you're not born with those embarrassing beliefs, you're taught them.

Also, a question for anti maskers.

How come you all say that masks are bad for your health, but nurses and doctors wear them for almost 20hrs a day without any problems with their health. And I have asthma but I can wear masks for over 8 hrs a day and be completely fine? Yet your lungs can't go three seconds without complaining that you're not breathing "god's clean air" lol. Are you all really that privileged that having to stay home and wear masks are threatening your rights?

Cry about it, snowflake.

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  • Why would the media go against the what the worlds leading epidemiologists were saying about Covid specially about prescribing HSQ and z-pack to cure people, unless the media had an agenda. So many people didnt have to die, they died for an agenda. Any actual doctor who went against the Covid narrative was maligned and shut down. Why? You would think educated people would want to hear all perspective from experts in the field. Instead they just shut them down and malign them. Why would they do that? Unless they had an agenda to push.

  • Wow! you opened a can of worms with this topic! All the best to you for making up your own mind and doing what works for you. I made a list over the past year every time I heard a new or interesting conspiracy theory regarding covid. Very entertaining stuff. Thankyou for your level headed point of view. I have no axe to grind or political agenda to follow.

  • Take your vaxx ** be a slave get your booster shot shots when they tell you too. Wear your ritual mask. Welcome you are the new Brown shirt of your time.

  • Wearing a mask is better than getting sick!!!

  • Always!!! And better than spreading it to others!!

  • You wont have to worry about your embarrasing parents because youll be dead soon. you have a predisposition to covid because you have asthma
    bye snowflake!

  • Sure, because op wearing a mask and getting the vaccine will kill them.

    Enjoy never being able to travel and go to a grocery store, you special little snowflake <3

  • Dude, fully vaxxed here but how can you promote that kind of authoritative restriction on society? Especially with something rushed to production and not even fully approved yet? I really think this trend in thought is weird and scary af.
    I have my covid vax, and even with a breakthrough I'm no longer worried about getting a severe reaction to Covid. That stands whether the person next to me is vaxxed or unvaxxed. It makes zero difference to me or my well being. I now only have a slight concern with being asymptomatic and spreading it to those who aren't vaxxed. At least the unvaxxed have a higher chance of having symptoms and knowing when to stay isolated or keep distance. We vaccinated are the ones with the higher chance of carrying and not knowing we have it. This being said, we're all adults and both groups have accepted what risks/rewards they're comfortable with. I'm okay with whatever anyone chooses for themselves.
    But I digress, really the most concerning thing now is the acceptance and promotion of this type of restriction on society. Have people sat back and actually thought this through? It's not creating the safe future for your children you think it is.
    Where did all those who claimed to ascribe to Classical Liberal Philosophy go? Did they ever understand it to begin with? When did liberal become synonymous with the status quo, "the man" so to speak. I only use "liberal" as the example because that's what I am and have noticed the majority of pressure FOR this type of policy is coming from "my side". There are outliers of course. Replies like this scare me. Especially from "my side". I've even had several family friends die of Covid. I still would never want this for anyone. I hope you're just trolling.

  • Your youth is no excuse for your ignorance.
    It's quite simple:
    People like you are choosing despotic servitude, along with a myriad health problems, while people like your parents are not.
    Just because people like you are weak, fearful, mindless slaves, doesn't mean everybody is. Just because you love the false sense of security provided to you by mommy collective, doesn't mean everyone does. Just because you love genuflecting to outer authority no matter how absurd the demands, doesn't mean everybody does. Just because you want to be nothing more than a cog in the collective program without a shred of your fundamental rights to individual freedoms, doesn't mean everybody does.
    You won't it accept that though, will you. You want everyone to be just like you because you're 'right' and they're 'wrong.' People like you will continue to bully individuals and degrade their freedoms one-by-one until the tension between the two sides becomes so unbearable that the only result will be an emotional, violent backlash leading to wide-spread warfare and mass loss of innocent life... enjoy that when it happens because the blame will lay directly on your shoulders and all those like you.

  • Have you ever picked up a history book? You “educated” folks are the most ignorant. I thought you believed in pro-choice?
    You think you have the right to kill babies because you’re promiscuous.

    Why can’t people have a choice to wear a mask or not? Those afraid of the Wuhan Virus can stay home and wear 3 masks alone.

  • What about you? Y you believe in pro-life and yet you’re going around and spreading covid to the planets most venerable. If you’re pro-choice with masks and don’t care about any life but your own then you should also be pro-choice with abortion.

  • They actually never said they weren't pro-choice. They are asking those who are what happened to "my body, my choice". Both examples involve your own body and someone forcing you to do or not do something to it. One example always leads to death of a vulnerable life, 100% of the time. The other example, depending on age and other factors, *may* lead to the death of a vulnerable life, but more than likely not.
    Regardless, you're inferring what the other believes and not answering the question. One can only assume its because it exposes the hypocrisy in "my body, my choice". If you really believe in that, you believe regardless of where your "side" stands on the issue. This isnt really you answering the question, it's you defending your sides stance even though the logic is flawed.

    Also, the mask debate is tiring and dumb. They do help but really not as much as people think. The distance actually helps more and the mask is a great back up by adding an extra layer. Covid is too small to be stopped by what we wear. Unless you are wearing a biohazard mask, it can find a way in. The data on masks has been there this entire time, there hasnt been any new revelations on masks.

    Remember, this all started with Fauci saying two weeks and masks dont work. Stop buying masks. Our health being politicized, and citizens taking sides, has paved the way to where we are now.
    Just love eachother.

  • Buddy, I’m literally studying history in university...

  • Because it violates MY liberty.

  • ** idiot.
    People are like sheep doing and believing what they are told.
    Wise up.
    There is no virus !
    Corona 19 " virus" is simply a flu germ adjusted by lab technicians for political reasons for their government.
    Bill Gates ( Microsoft) forecast this pandemic long before it happened.
    It's just a bad dose of flu.
    The only people dying are old people that would have died shortly anyway and likewise, people with health issues.
    Governments like to control us and like sheep we let them.
    It's all a load of hype fed by the media.

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