He forced himself on me

I'm the only child and it was nice having my cousin act like a big brother making sure no one gave me trouble,I did have a bf and that didn't last long when my cousin hit him for sleeping with me and through the lockdowns we chatted everyday, coming to the end of the last one he got me to send him a picture and he said i looked fit and kept asking for one with me in my pink bikini,I gave in thinking it's no harm,he came round the day before with some vodka and he got me to put my bikini on to show him i was a little drunk and done it and he pulled the string and i showed myself to him and ran upstairs embarrassed,he came up saying how sorry he was and how he couldn't help it as i was fit,we kissed and ended up on the bed fooling around and i let him have s** with me but then asked him to stop at least 5 times but he didn't listen,I told him afterwards and all he said was he didn't hear me and now i think im pregnant, don't no how to deal with it.

Apr 3

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  • What he did to you was predatory. He took advantage of you. Knowing you feel alone, as you’ve stated you’re an only child with him “as your big brother,” and knowing you deemed him close in relationship & trusted him. You need to fire him from that job bc he blew it by betraying your trust & overstepping a physical boundary that should have been maintained due to your familial relationship and more importantly when you told him NO. Why did your cousin drive your boyfriend away? Did your boyfriend harm you, was sending him away something you wanted him to do, or was your cousin just isolating you so he could pursue you himself?
    Don’t allow any more alone time with that guy and feel free to create a distance with him if you need to for safety and peace sake. If he harasses or intimidates you, you already know you’re being manipulated by someone toxic & controlling who is playing on your emotions about feeling alone or like an only child, and likely believes you won’t turn to anyone for help or advice on the matter. Is it true you have no support system? Please don’t let him convince you that you can’t create one in or outside the family that doesn’t include him. Anyone can can. Are new friends or find an advocate, even if they hire a therapist (or fine one for free) online to share the history with and to be able to check in with should you ever need advice or a witness/advocate, should things get bad enough to involve the cops.
    And who is the troll responding w/all the foul and aggressive comments on this page? Is that the culprit? If so, you definitely need to x him from your life & get some help if needed. If he approaches you that way, he’s definitely a maniac seeking to control & take advantage of you. By no means: don’t give a guy like that control over your peace of mind or your life.

  • Come here I will drill you 100 times more till you die and don't come back here

  • He raped you. Making the assumption you can even consent age wise, he got you drunk, and then ignored you five times when you told him to stop. It doesn't get a whole lot clearer than that.

  • F*** off you yank c*** from what ive been reading im guessing you are the one that's sick liking young children,they will love you in prison f****** perv

  • So because it's not written the way you like it you call it fake I know women who have been abused and they don't show any mental problems,men and women deal with it differently, how about giving good advice and not coming on to attack everyone, you might find you could help instead of just making yourself feel better.

  • Fuckyou faker You know why you wrote this SickFUCK

  • I don’t believe that this happens but If it did you deserved it anyway for being a stupid w****

  • Who is this person calling everyone fake?? this stuff do happen

  • I’m so sorry that happened to you. Please call the police and stay safe.

  • Oh cut the fake incestCRAP idiot!

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