Old perverts!

I am only 13 but like most girls these days I do look older. Yesterday I attended a birthday party at the YMCA. A friends parents rented the pool for her birthday. My parents were supposed to pick me up but our next door neighbors offered to give me a ride home. The couple that offered the ride, lets call them Mr. and Mrs C, were in the front of the SUV. I was in the backseat with Mrs. C's brother, he is like 30 something. I had a t-shirt and gym shorts on over my bikini but I was still wet and cold. Mrs. C told me to grab a blanket behind the seat. When I put it over me Mrs. C's brother pulled part of the blanket over him as well. I didn't think anything of it until I felt his hand on the inside of my thigh. I squirmed and tried to move his hand. I was shocked, embarrassed and terrified Mrs. C would see it! I kept trying to push his hand away without calling attention to it. It didn't work and he managed to move his hand up and rub my p****. I couldn't stop him without calling attention to it so I just gave up. He pushed my shorts and bikini to the side and began fingering my p****. He kept his fingers inside me for about 10 minutes then pulled his hand away as we pulled into the driveway. I adjusted my shorts back and jumped out of the vehicle as soon as it stopped. I hope Mr. and Mrs. C did not suspect anything.
Why are older men suck perverts!

Oct 14

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  • Because nothing feels as nice as young hairlesspussy

  • I just love young p****

  • Oh yes

  • Theyounger it is the nicer it is

  • Hard not to notice

  • To the d**** implying it was somehow her fault for not screaming or freaking out. She was embarrassed and scared, he was an adult! It wasn't her fault just because she didn't speak up.
    When I was her age my mom got sick and spent a couple of weeks in the hospital. I had to live with my aunt/uncle until my mom came home. My aunt worked evenings and didn't get home until around 1am.
    At 13 my bedtime was around 10pm. I was in bed when I heard the bedroom door open. I pretended to be asleep and didn't move. My uncle crawled into bed with me. He put his arm over me and pulled me close into a "spooning" position. I realized he wasn't wearing any clothes. He pushed my pajama bottom down to expose my ass. He started rubbing his d*** in my ass crack until he got hard. Then he started to push into my p**** a little bit. Fortunately for me he got off immediately and pretty much just made a mess between my legs. As he pulled away he pulled my pajamas back up and slid out of bed.
    The whole time I just laid there with my eyes closed pretending to be asleep.
    After I was sure he was in his bedroom I slipped into the bathroom and cleaned up. I never told anyone because I was so embarrassed.

  • WHY did you say anything? WHY do you not want Mr/Mrs C to know something's wrong? WHY did you just let him finger you? You're 13 & old enough to be able to at least lightly defend yourself- using your mouth's vocal cords. The brother's totally wacked in doing what he did, but by not saying anything and, after a time, just letting him, I'm wondering if deep down you were starting to like it.

  • Just WHY did you want to keep this secret? It wasn't your fault- your only 13 & the blanket was for you. You should've just yelled for him to "stop it!" & that would've caught their attention. You can't be shy in those situations; it you are, this will be repeated again, even if not by that boy. I would say-- hope!-- most men aren't perverts, though the ones that are are more highly seen. Just like the girls that use their boyfriends until something else comes along. Use this as a learning experience.

  • Not just girls. Older guys like young boys too. I was a 11 year old boy, my mom was divorced and started dating some new guy. He was OK at first. Then mom moved him in. One day he came in the bathroom while I was taking a bath. He "insisted" on helping me, making sure to wash my privates well. It wasn't long before he started stripping naked and joining me in the tub and having me wash him. I guess when I didn't tell he took it to mean I liked it. One day when my mom was at work I came inside from playing. I was dirty and he ordered me to go into the laundry room, take my clothes off and put them in the washer. I was down to my underwear when he walked into the room. He picked me up and put me face down on the washer with my legs dangling off the side. My feet couldn't touch the floor. He pulled down my underwear and began licking my b*******. It felt so weird! He kept spitting on it then stuck his finger in. I squirmed a little too much and he took his finger out. But he didn't stop. He stood up and then I felt something larger pushing into my b*******. He f***** me right there as I dangled off the side of the washer. It wasn't the last time, he f***** me every chance he got until my mom broke up with him.

  • When i was 13,i was the 'little flowergirl' in my cousins wedding!I was dressed in a cute,poofy,above the knees white dress with a veil,lace anklets and white mary jane shoes.After the ceremony,we all got into a limo for the ride to the reception hall.Since there wasnt a lot of room,i wound up sitting on one of the groomsmen lap.It was almost dark out and we no sooner got going when i felt his hand under my dress and rubbing it over my diaper and ruffled plastic pants! He ran it over my crotch,and my butt,i i could feel the erection he had in his pants!

  • Lies! You were wearing diapers and plastic pants at age 13?? Unless that was a typo, you're lying.

  • Hi Good morning, I am a pervert with a sticking mentality to grope and molest. I have been doing this from a long time and it makes me happy. Thank you for being there, appreciate it.

  • Old guys are perverts. My NOW EX boyfriends dad molested me one day in his house while my boyfriend was occupied in another room. He had me in a corner and put both hands down my sweats groping my ass and fingering me while all the time telling me to "be quiet" or my boyfriend would find out.
    I broke up with my boyfriend immediately and never went back.

  • I'm j********** to your post

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