OMG Miley

I watched Miley Cyrus at the Final Four yesterday and she was incredibly spectacular and unbelievably beautiful and amazingly talented!! There just is nobody who has half the star power or half the skills or who is half the woman. Miley is super perfect and I am just in total love with her!!!

Apr 4

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  • I admit, she's sexy as h***, and I'd love to throw her down and have at her. Make that gorgeous smile and lips service me. I don't even care about her music. I still see her as Achey Breaky Heart's kid.

  • Totally agree!! I get a major erection every time I see her on TV. Yeah, she's hot AF!!!!

  • So your in to f ucking chav slags then ?

  • Just to be clear, dear. I am "into" precisely what I said I was "into", and that is s******* Miley Cyrus rotten. And a step further . .. . . .I would marry her in a heartbeat.

    For the record; I don't even know what ""chav slags" are, but if Miley's one, I'll take TEN!!!

  • Chavs are scruffy thick uneducated tramp like common people .

  • That's what makes Miley so hot..Good mix of not very smart, a bit tramp, and very girl next door enough to be an easy f***.

  • Bieber and Cyrus are both talentless kids. Neither have a musical bone in their bodies.

  • ^missed the joke^

  • Justin Bieber is AT LEAST half the woman Miley Cyrus is.

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