I'm an American of German ancestry.

After my grandparents death I inherited their property. They had always been stellar grandparents to me. I loved them.

Searching through their belongings I discovered a trunk. It was heavy and it was hard to unlock. I finally got it open and there was anti Semetic N*** literature there in English and German.

My family doesn't share their anti Jewish feelings and neither do I. This was an unpleasant startling revelation about two people I had loved dearly when they were alive.

Apr 4

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  • My grandfather died in a concentration camp. He fell out of the guard tower.

    Betcha did n*** that coming!

  • Sell them and make money

  • Throw it all out. Anything related to politics is garbage.

  • Please try to overlook the materials you found, because you can't know what they meant to your grandparents. Remember the historical time frame: World War One -- which left Germany defeated and disspirited and barely surviving --- had only fairly recently ended, and the effects of the Global Depression were still being felt everywhere when the Nazis rose to power. Understand, i'm not excusing Germany's actions, internally or externally, but just suggesting that your grandparents' belongings not be used to convict them of attitudes or beliefs they may not have fully held or acted on.

    The possession of literature doesn'tnecessarily prove or imply support for the ideas expressed therein. However, if you found flags, banners, uniforms, weapons or other formal Party paraphernalia, then make a list and take the list to your family lawyer and let him or her check it to be sure you aren't committing a crime by holding onto it. Possession of certain N*** memorabilia is a federal crime in the U.S., as well as some other countries. Do not try to sell anything on e-Bay or elsewhere. Give your grandparents a break, unless or until you KNOW more about them.

  • We want to think well of the people in our family, those we love and who we want to love us. But they are not always worthy of love or able to show it, whether to us or others. Naziism was filled with hate, unfounded and undeserved . . . .and it came to infect many Germans as was the case with Trumpism here. It's easier to hate than to love, because hate doesn't require a personal investment, just ignorance.

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