My girlfriend doesn't take her hands of my abs

I am currently dating a girl that appears to have a very huge abs fetish. She sometimes will even lift my shirt in public places and give a fast rub over them.

When we are at my or her house, and we are watching a movie or serie on tv or netflix, she is constantly lifting my shirt and keeps rubbing the s*** out of my abs.

Now, this is very new for me, because till the last one year and a half i was an overweight boy that lived from rejection to rejection from all kinds of women, the cuttest, the cute, the average and even some that could be considered below average in physical appearance.

Due to this fact, i decided to lose weight and start training. The hard work payed off and now i am a ripped 10 % bf guy, and I can say, i am very glad that this girl was my first girlfriend.

I have met her at a pub January last year. It is the first time in my life I am enjoying this level of female appreciation over me.

Whenever we are having s**, she spents all the possible time with her hands over my abs. Be it while she is sucking my d*** or riding me (and yes, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are her favorite positions, despite i having only an average 14 cm d***). She even rubs her p**** over my abs during the foreplay and moan very loud from it.

So, women from this site, do you also love male abs?Do you get more h**** by rubbing or just keeping your hands over your lover abs during s**? Do rubbing, kissing and licking a man's abs make you c** harder and faster like it does for my girlfriend? And how do you feel when you are rubbing, licking or just touching your man's abs?

Apr 5, 2021

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