FemDomme Tummy Puncher

I am a FemDomme with several submissive female belly slaves. I love soft bellies of all sizes. The sexiest part of this fetish is to handcuff her wrists above her head and start light and slow, in the solar plexus area, moving downward with a little more strength behind each punch. Seeing a hot female writhe in agony while uttering an “oof” or an “unnn” or a “ooooowwwwwww my tummy” after each punch is so arousing! I usually stop and rub her battered and bruised belly before launching an attack on her lower tummy until I destroy her guts! I then unhandcuff her, lay her on the bed (as she’s most likely almost unconscous by now from the pain gently kiss and massage her poor tummy while getting ready to help her o*****. The s** after a belly beat down like that is amazing!

Apr 3

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  • Did you ever sit on their face or side of their head and punch their stomachs...arms trapped under your legs..,So they had to smell your arousal and writhe under you begging for air...while you had your fun???

  • The way you take such good care of your girls is so wonderful and and so very warm and loving. And it is far, far beyond sexy. You should write a book about the entire group and the full experience. You could easily do that. You have the writing skills and you certainly possess the wisdom. The things you know about girls should be preserved. And shared.

  • I really love them way you think! Your subs are so lucky. I hope they realize it, and in hope they take full advantage of having your in their life.

  • Do you ever love-punch any of them when they get on they period? Thats really sexy for sure. Its lots messier but its f****** sexy as hot s*** for the girl getting punched. Feels like you're e**********. So f****** NASTY!! But OMMFG it feels like true love!!! I know they all obey you, but this will make them fall in love with you. Please do it and make them leak they juice out IN YOUR BED!! Make a horrible horrible mess. They will love you and you will own they ass forever.

  • JoklklKlKlWell now this is super fucken hot to the max. Do you even get that? You go back and forth with this OP so you got it easybitch. Poster but maybe everything it nasty to you.

  • I am a 36 MWF now, with two small children of my own, but throughout my late 20s I was single and enslaved to a delicious high school lesbian with copper hair and goth makeup, who regularly treated me to these kinds of beatings, among other punishing delights, mostly loving, but sometimes brutal, though ALWAYS given in the spirit of our relationship and in acknowledgment of her supremacy and to her perfect pleasure and glory. She was a joy and was heaven-sent to me. She knew how to handle herself . . . . AND ME!! I loved her -- even more than I love my husband and children now -- and wish I could resume the slavery and the relationship. She was the best thing that's ever happened to me. I would marry her if I could, even though she's a w**** now. She's a fabulous w****, but still a w****.

  • Yes I remember that belly puncher and martial arts guy, Jean Claude FemDomme, from all those action movies. I wish he would make more of them. The was waaaaaay better than Chuck Norris AND Sylvester Stallone. I hope he make a comeback! He was a serious punchbanger!! POW!!! bASH!!!!!!! BAM!!!!

  • Terrible actor, not good in anything.

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