Temptation won.

I’m a very loveing and protective dad that really never thought of s** with my daughter until this one morning she was getting out of shower which wasn’t common for her to not wrap up in a towel before opening the bathroom door and walking across the hall to her room. She is 20 at this time very sexy body and face that made it hard to believe that she was still a virgin and seemed like she had started to explore a noticeable amount more then her norm. This morning when she come out of bathroom completely naked convinced me beyond doubt combined with other changes in her appearance compared to a month ago when she was dressed in thick sweaters and sweat pants offering no inclinations of her shape and curves. Not attractive at all really. Within the last short time she was wearing tight t shirttail showing off her beautiful t*** and curves that a man is attracted to.
Slightly ashamed to admit how I responded to the sudden clear I view I got of her naked body close up. Her t****** liggled like the firm ones do. I didn’t catch all of her sexiness but her t*** were ultra nice. And her ass was so perfect for my likes. My c*** for the first time uncontrollable got hard as rock and my thoughts were instantly thinking about how sexy my daughter was at that moment. My mind was numbed with desire to see her again naked. So I just walked in her room unannounced to surprise her with my appreciation of her being smart and saveing money by staying home. Then admitted that I noticed a few things different about her and SAsked her if she was feeling the changes. She told me she had been changeing quick. I told her I see her development from teenie age to a sexy woman almost overnight. I was wearing sweat pants and she noticed my obvious h****** sticking out. She pointed at it and asked if that was because of her new found sexuality. I was just weirdly saying things that are taboo and not what a dad should be saying to his daughter. Like “yes Huney you being so curved and naked has made daddy’s c*** real big and hard like I want to f*** you. Oops within seconds she was asking daddy to teach her. The rest is for you to imagine what daddy’s fat 9 inch c*** did.

Apr 6, 2021

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