My first time @ 17 (see if I can believe this?)

I worked at a truck stop in illinois as an overnight cook. I wore a bright orange jumpsuit. I was so pasty I sort of disappeared in it. I would strip completely nude in the locker room and put on the uniform. My c*** would get pretty hard. I was p****** in a urinal and noticed that four big black truckers had come in. Two got on either side of me and started talking to me. I couldn't pee so I stepped back to put it back in and zip up. I was been watched but didn't realize it. I was getting hard thinking about them. I went back to the kitchen and started the dishwasher. I noticed that the waitress was taking their orders. I hurried back just as she handed them to me . She was a hot to trot 48 year old divorcee who had made a real connection with the truckers. I was off at 7 so I was winding down my shift when another ticket came in. I went to the grill. S***! I had plated this when Maxine changed it to a delivery. Whaaaaat? All that was near us were cornfields on a dirt access road. The 2 big rigs off on the west side parking lot. Opposite side from my little '66 VW. I delivered it to those sexy black truck drivers. They ranged age-wise from 18 to 60. I had to climb up a bit to hand the order in. He told me to get in and opened the door. The other guy was naked and hard. The truck engine started as I was pulled in and chloroformed. Everything went black...everything. I woke up nude and tied up.I could not speak they put a ball in my mouth and taped my mouth shut. I was told to relax and they told me they had injected me with heroin. I had only smoked weed and dropped acid. They put on a Slave cassette. We pulled into a truck stop in iowa. I was carried by these guys over to a f*** truck. This was a semi with a trailer containing a rape rack, a sling and a lot of bdsm stuff. They told me this was going to be a gangrape. There were at least ten other black men along with my horned up black in there. All waiting and aching to tap my smooth sweet virgin mouth and ass. For an entire day and night I was generated repeatedly raped over and over. By the time I collapsed in a pool of black com I was the tattooed absolute shaved sexy Swedish bottom s** slave of the 60 year old driver now my master and the other 3 as well. I met up with them a lot and after I moved out of my parents country home and relocated to an empty apartment in Robbins I served my black masters. I also became an exhibitionist sub that got into s** in public. They tied me to picnic tables in thick forest preserves, left me completely nude in deserted industrial areas to be molested by homeless creepy guys at night. Sometimes riding buses and trains nude sometimes getting raped by kids. I went to a gay bath in Chicago that was pretty seedy. My Master would arrange a kidnap rape scenario there and I would be carried out of the place in public completely nude and shoved into a rusty white can taken for a daylong joy ride. So far so good I'm still here and still enjoy remembering all the sexual perversion and how it still excited me.

Apr 9, 2021

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  • Pure fantasy.

  • Fantasy story penned by a strange F aggot with sick desires.

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