My boyfriend says something I absolutely hate

My boyfriend plays his video games & is always dropping the n-word when playing. With the hard R too & it p***** me off so bad. I constantly tell him he needs to stop & he gets mad at me about it. I don’t like him using that kind of language in general but the fact that we live in an apartment & we have black neighbors it makes me even more p*****. What if they are to hear him? It’s so freaking wrong. A grown man acting like a child is how I view it. He needs to grow up.

Apr 12

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  • Have you heard black people talk ?
    Nugger is in every sentence .get over it .

  • You need to be with a real man who has goals and aspirations and does not waste hours on end on video games and nonsense. A man that will provide a house, a home and not just sit in an apartment on his poor lazy ass. The only way this ends is when he either gets his s*** together (which will never happen) or you put an end to this and make a new life for yourself.
    As a man I know that Women rate each other by how their man treats them and provides for them. If he isn’t doing this then you want out.

  • show that p**** to a black guy that will teach him

  • Show me your sexy pictures and I will go beat him up for you I gots a big black c*** you can show him

  • I want yourCock email me

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