I Think You Are Transgender

Marilyn Monroe. No different with transgender; you can wack off the p****, buy some silicone b****** but your DNA and chromosomes will ALWAYS BE THE GENDER AND S** you were BORN with. No amount of surgery will every change your genetics. If you marry someone transgender, kudos but essentially you are in a same-s** relationship and are a gay couple regardless of all outward appearences.

Transgender male to female are gay men, and my friend Paul says, "they are some of the meanest gay men on the planet." I grew up in an era where there were Cross-Dressers, mainly married men who like to wear their girlfriend or wives clothing on occasion. Drag Queens like RuPaul who did it for fun and entertainment. Trans in my day were all prostitutes who sold their body to pay for s** to pay for surgery, they were never welcomed into the LGBTQ community but always on the outskirts because they were trashy. Maybe the new Trans are changing the dynamic, maybe their is too much estrogen in the water feminizing the men, lack of father figures confusing the young girls.

Originally it was considered a mental disorder in the DSM. However, your genetics will never change no matter the surgeries or clothes you wear. The other thing is Trans people, if you p*** them off, revert to a catty gay man or a lesbian man hating female immediately and are nasty with their unhealed issues. They are also plain to pick out because after age 35 their body does not change like a biological male/female; they have no body fat or estrogen other than fake estrogen. Real women/mens bodies change with time, and gay men are all about 'best of show,' they have their trashy naked pool party orgies and are hyper critical around body image and weight. I love my gays but it's just an interesting dynamic when the Monks say we are born into the opposite gender of the past life to learn the lessons and understand the other gender. If you believe in reincarnation.

However some people believe in playing pretend for a lifetime. My girl friend had a s** change after college, she has no p**** and a lawyer but still considers herself a man and dresses like one. She is confused, super aggressive trying to financially compensate for her small/no p**** syndrome and I think it explains why the current generation is so f- up. The she/he meat is here to stay, and Islam has made it legal to be trans now, giving them womens rights afteer surgery. Genetically it is still a same-s** homosexual relationship regardless of outward appearences.

Fascinating...so many fake people running around playing dress up like in kindergarden that they never outgrew but many look amazing as impersonators..like you. I had a dream once you were sitting in a chair, you looked like a girl from the waist up but were a naked boy from the waist down and pleasuring yourself looking out the window of your California mansion and view of a linear pool thinking of me.

To the other trans. For a moment I thought you died, and your brother assumed your identity and is lip synching your songs to make the dinero.
You are beautiful, but I don't want to date a ho, and frankly men sleep around a lot, I prefer the health odds in my favor.

Jan 3

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  • That's a lot of diarrhea of the keyboard to say absolutely nothing worthwhile. Plus you clearly have not grasped the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation. They are not the same

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