I think i'm trans but...

I think i am trans, m to f most likely, but i don't want to come out as trans because my two other siblings have came out as trans, i feel like if i were to say i was trans i would look like i'm trying to copy them, i've been denying my gender since i first saw nude women, i thought "I would like to be more like that" and would change into female clothes and "pretend" to be a girl, by myself of course, i guess, wish me luck to those who read this. :P

Apr 17, 2018

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  • >>"m to f most likely"
    If you're a boy and want to change into female clothes and pretend to be a girl, there's no "most likely" about it! This is one reason why you "s3xual identity Olympics" types aren't taken seriously. Do you not know which kind of gen!tals you have under your pants right this moment? There's a choice of two, and there's no shortage of pictures in the world illustrating which set corresponds with which s3x. Try studying basic biology a little more and investing less time in "being confused" for internet attention. Your willful ignorance does not endear you to anyone with a brain.

  • "I'm 'confused' so everybody must worship me!!!!!"

  • Hey there!
    I am in almost the same boat as you. My boyfriend came out as trans about a year ago and since then I was blamed for just following after him. My biggest advice to you right now is just do what makes you happy :) I know I might not make that much of an impact (afterall, I am just a stranger) accept yourself and love who you are and who you will be. Be as beautiful as you can be inside and out <3

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