I've always wondered...

I know this isn't anything to casually imagine the way i have. But I've always wondered what it was like to be male. I'm a straight woman, and don't plan on becoming trans. It's just a thought that comes to mind every now and then.

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  • I think everyone wonders occasionally what it would be like to have the other set of junk. No problem there. But of course there are those who simply have to get weird about it. OP isn't one of them :)

  • Even though I am not a woman (I wish I was one)...I am Now a "Crossdresser" with a "Cute, Sexy Boyfriend".

  • Being male is ok but we are mostly ruled by our c**** thinking of p**** all the time

  • Every now and then I wish I was a woman. Can we trade dreams?

  • Theres no way to tell you. Imagine your c*** as being ten times as large as it is and part of your v***** hanging between your legs. I doubt if you can do that but its as good as I can do.

  • There's more to it than that, just like the other way round. DUH

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