Navy Blue Leotards

My obsession with navy blue leotards tights extends to women wearing faded blue jeans with navy blue socks or black socks or black leotards. I dress up in my ripped blue jeans and navy blue leotards that I have stolen and approach women dressed as described. Over the years I have approached women dressed like this to talk to them. Then I also have a fantasy to be captured by them. I have approached them pretending to have escaped from the county jail as I was being transported to the state prison. Once I approached a women in black leotards asking if she know where the nearest jail was so I could turn myself in before I was recaptured and she said, "If I knew where it was you would be there right now!" This was very exciting.

Then near an industrial area there was female security guard patrolling on horse back whom I approached with a pair of navy blue leotards displayed out of the front of my blue jeans and I approached her with the same story. I had to approach even if I risked being captured by her. She immediately began interrogating me about my crime and how I escaped and said she could call for a cage car to have me delivered to my jail cell. I escaped before she called. I know I am a coward approaching these women as I do not approach fully armed policewoman or female fugitive recovery agents who would immediately capture and arrest me.

Apr 23, 2021

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  • You are a predator, stalker of women and a creep! The sooner you are captured and put behind bars the better!

  • You are so weird

  • Criminal offender, know that you are being hunted! Maybe the cold, hard reality of a jail cell will wake you up!

  • You will look good in your ripped blue jeans and navy blue leotards when you are in a thick leather belly chain, shackles, and leg irons being led to your jail cell by female jail guards!

  • You are the man who stole the policewoman's leotards off her clothesline! WARNING: I don't know where you are but I am the policewoman who responded before. I dress exactly as you describe working undercover and one day you are unknowingly going to approach a female officer like you describe and you will be captured on the spot! I know criminals like you and you do not stop until you are captured! Know this if you approached me you would be on your belly in handcuffs and on your way to jail, you wouldn't escape! There are policewoman all over the country who would love to get there hands on you and one day one of them will. It could also be an off duty jail guard or like you said a fugitive recovery agent. Do yourself a favour and turn yourself in!

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