New girlfriend kisses her teenage son not he lips & with tongue

I recently started dating a co-worker and we're getting pretty serious.
The only issue is…..
She kisses her 17 year old son on the lips!
I’m not talking about a harmless peck. It’s with tongue and he'll squeezes her ass!!

The first time I witnessed it was at the park.
We’d finished our first run together and her son was batting practice with his friends. She was wearing a sports bra and the tiny mesh shorts and wanted to introduce me to her son. His teenage friends were checking her out and I didn’t blame them.

She said, “There’s my baby boy!” He replied, “There’s my sexy MILF!” She ran up to him, jumped up and wrapped her legs around him. He held her in the air squeezing her a$$ and they French kissed.
He sat her down and she introduced us while having her her arm around him and he was still squeezing her butt.

When I’m at their house, he’ll pick her up by the waist and they French kiss before we leave.
One time I was waiting and watching TV and she came out wearing a flowing above the knee dress. She spun around showing off her white lace thong panties! She asked both of us “What do you think?” I said, “You look great!”
He said, “Mom! You look totally F**kable!”
Before we left, I watched him slide his hand up her dress while they kissed.
She whispered, “Stop it! We have company!”
He’s always smacking her ass too.

My wife passed away last March from Covid. She had a long three year fight with breast cancer and was on painful journey to recovery but Covid claimed her while her immunity was low. Sorry for the somber part.

I’m 41 and decided to exercise and start dating in 2021. My friends at work introduced me to a fun & energetic co-worker that runs marathons. She talked me into entering the company’s 5k and offered to help me get ready. I agreed to meet her at the park and start jogging. BTW: I did finish the 5k. lol

She’s a high energy vegan with an amazing smile and looks younger than 36. I’m guessing 4’ 10”. I know she’s not 5ft tall. Maybe 100lb soaking wet and a perfect set of bolt on t***, probably 32C. They were a gift to herself after her divorce. A bottle blonde, green eyes with an amazing tan. Her normal running attire is tiny mesh running shorts and sports bra! On our first run, she joked about the tent in my shorts. She has a great outgoing personality, said it was due to working at a sports bar while in college. The hours were long but the tips $$ paid bills.

She got pregnant at a young age. Her son’s a senior in high school, plays baseball and 6 inches taller than me. I’m 6ft. He has sandy blonde hair and muscular. He passed on a partial baseball scholarship to a local college to pursue trade school in another state. She said people think they are brother/sister or a couple when they are out. I can see that. She looks and dresses like a 20 year old.

She never married his dad but says her son looks just like him. She met him while working as a life guard one summer. The guy was much older, she’s guessing mid 40s & married. He was in town ‘on business’ and alone. They started talking and he and asked her back to his room for s**. At the time, she was young and careless so she took him up on the offer. The both agreed it would be a ’one time thing’. She made a weird comment that she used the money to buy a new dress and heels.

She’s very open about her story because her wonderful son was the product from the ‘one time’ hook-up.
Her parents helped while she attended college and worked at the sports bar.

She married a different guy but it ended 4 years ago cause he had a secret boyfriend on the side. The boyfriend came to their house, made a scene and the police had to escort him away. That’s how she found out.

Since her son is about to graduate and move off for trade school, she decided to start dating again.

I just think the situation is kinda strange? Anyone agree?
Should I stick it out and see where it goes?
Escape NOW? I’m leaning this way but S-E-X is nasty CRAZY with no boundaries.

Apr 24, 2021

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  • She is probably coaching him on how to kiss.

    I personally did not teach my sons but I did ask my best friend to work with my boys before they went off to college.

    They did not know that I made urged the situation but my friend told me they both went back to her during their visits home and share details about their sexual encounters and Thanked her. They ended up enjoying a special bond.

    She asked me to do the same for her son. It was awkward at first as he didn’t even know how to insert it and when he did he e********* after just a couple of pumps. But after a summer of working with him he has developed into a talented young man

  • Abort mission! She's having s** with her son! This shouldn't be happening esp with him being a minor. She sounds really messed up, please find someone a little more grounded.

  • Sounds like something out of Caligula

  • Yes it is odd that her son would say and do that to his Mom.

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  • Thats so crazy man, you say her husband had a boyfriend?!?! what the h*** sounds crazy. you mena he had a gf, right.?

  • I wish I haf that kind of relationship with my mom.

  • Weird

  • Fake story

  • So sorry to hear about your wife, that's very sad.
    As for your new partner, yes the relationship with her son is very inappropriate but if they've somehow normalised it I don't know what you can do. You will have to bring it up and say you find them to be inappropriate.

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