Woman revved her 350z

I was walking today around 10am and I decided to stop and take a hit of something. It was on the side of a hotel. As I took in this monster hit I went on cloud 9 for a time. As i started to come to as my senses came back i heard an engine it sounded like a 350z i thought it could of been the same 350z i saw a woman sitting in a few minutes earlier. Omfg it was and she was in the hotel parking lot. She asked if I could get something and mentioned the thing in my hand. I had it covered but she said get in my car. I did this and she wanted something else but decided to try what I had. I showed her how to do it. I leaned over to get it going for her. She took her high heels off and askes me to put it on the floor on my side. I burned my leg with my pipe and i couldnt stop looking at her feet. She hit it again and leaned how to do it. I asked her to rev up her 350z she did it lightly. She said 'you have a foot fetish" i said you have very beautiful feet. She took another hit and then started revving her engine crazy. She landed on cloud 9 I dont know hiw it happened but i cummed myself. I told her she can have the pipe and she gave me her phone number on he business card. She wanted to give me money and I needed it but said no i was good. She wanted my phone number and i just remembered i gave her my old number. When I got out of her car it looked like i p***** myself. I was embarrassed she saidi called your phone save my number it was her cell phone i guess the business card was her office. She floored it onto the main road and it sounded like it rev limited. I was crossing the street to go to this parts place and almost got hit my a car goong north and then on the other lane almost my a car going South. I looked at her in the left hand turn lane at the traffic light and she missed the turn signal and smoke came out her drivers side window like she hit an electric cigarette but i knew what it was and I was not paying attention and almost tripped on a soda can in the parking lot well my foot slipped on it and it p***** me off i kicked it. Omg i kicked it like a pro socxer player it flew up and smacked this nice car it was a White Chevy that looked like my neighbors car and I didnt even care. I was feeling pumped I started going into the store but decided to pull out my receipt from my back pack and f*** my phone fell on the concrete and the screen broke even more than it already was i picked it up and put it back into my back pack and went into the store and everyone was looking at me. I handled my business and when I left i had to take a p*** on the side of a dumpster in the parking lot. I noticed the front of my pants were all went from before still and that coukd of been why people were looking at me or maybe it was not. I kept thinking about this woman and i started looking for her business card but could not find it
I walked back the other way and her business card was on the sidewalk. What luck because i gave her my old phone number by mistake.

Apr 27, 2021

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  • Don't post s*** on here these people are nasty!

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